Highlights La Spezia What's Up

International Jazz Festival of La Spezia 2018

Americana, a journey into jazz in memory of Martin Luther King La Spezia International Jazz Festival turns 50 The 23rd of July begins the La Spezia Jazz Festival, which has been taking place in La Spezia for over 50 years and brings together every year the most important performers of international jazz. It is certainly no coincidence that Spezia is the venue of the Festival, the jazz music scene has always been very lively in the city, thanks to the work of the Sprugolean Jazz band of Tiberio Nicola, founder…

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Eat Local Highlights La Spezia What's Up

Liguria da Bere 2018: street wine festival in La Spezia

From tomorrow 29th of June to the 1st of July the Wine Street Festival Liguria da Bere gets back to La Spezia Liguria da Bere is one of the most popular events in the summer of La Spezia as well as one of the main promotional events in the local wine production sector, putting together the Riviera producers, consumers and wine lovers. In the very center of La Spezia city, the routes are filled with wine and food tasting stands: the best way to try food specialties and get to…

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Eat Local Highlights Val di Vara

The Croxetti tradition and recipe from Varese Ligure

If you travel to Italy because you are a pasta lover, you definitely owe a visit to Varese Ligure in Val di Vara to admire the art of making Croxetti, beautiful hand made pasta from Liguria Pasta is a must eat when visiting Italy, a culinary tradition that is reinterpreted in almost every corner of the country. There is no small village of  the most secluded coustryside that doesn’t have its own way to make pasta. It’s just amazing. In Liguria, and mostly in the eastern Riviera, Croxetti, or Corzetti are small…

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Eat Local Highlights

The Pesto Sauce: a serious matter, intangible cultural heritage of humanity

This week, Liguria unfolds a long green carpet, stretching all along the Riviera, to promote the Pesto Sauce as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity A green masterpiece, a joy for the eyes and the watering mouth, green gold that grows in your hands when you mix of a few, simple, fresh elements. The Pesto sauce is simplicity in the kitchen, in the best Italian tradition, that joins everyone in a journey of tasting pleasure. Liguria in Italy is the cradle of this unique sauce known all over the world…

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Cinque Terre Highlights

A place of the heart of the Cinque Terre: the 400-year history of the Capuchin convent of Monterosso

Magical place full of spirituality, the Capuchin convent of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre celebrates its fourth centenary. The convent of the Capuchins in Monterosso looks to the open sea from the hill of San Cristoforo, between the beach of Fegina and the village that right here finds the origins of its historic core. For the spectacular view and the charm of the structure was ranked first in the seventh national census of “Places of the heart 2014” of the FAI with 110.341 reports, number never equaled by any other…

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Cinque Terre Highlights Tips Trekking

Beyond the Kingdom’s Borders: hiking from Levanto to Framura

Technically they are not in Cinque Terre, but with the Cinque Terre they share the history, the atmosphere and the beauties: beyond the Punta Mesco the trail between Levanto and Framura, passing through Bonassola goes through the scented forest and always looks at the sea to discover spacious beaches and historic charm. If you ask a local, Cinque Terre is an area enclosed between Punta Schiara and Punta Mesco, where the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are included, giving the area its name (Cinque Terre means…

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Highlights La Spezia

Amerigo Vespucci: the most beautiful ship in the world

The most beautiful ship in the world based in La Spezia: launched in 1931, the Amerigo Vespucci is symbol of Italian excellence on the sea. A jewel that locals often see in La Spezia sea. The Amerigo Vespucci – the symbol of the world navies – is based in La Spezia. The Italian navy’s training ship, older Italian naval unit still in use, is assigned to La Spezia’s arsenal . From 1931 to today, much water has passed under her sails, and yet – recently undergone reorganization interventions – is…

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Highlights La Spezia

Climbing up La Spezia Stairways

It might seem an exaggeration to equate La Spezia in Paris, but even if on a smaller scale, some of the streets, buildings and stairs that were built in the nineteenth century in the center of the city resemble the contemporary urban style of Paris is the Art Nuveau, the “Liberty” style in Italy. Like many other cities of Liguria, La Spezia is built on at least two levels : the Sea level and that of the High Town , on the hills that surround it. The town of La…

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Cinque Terre Highlights La Spezia Tips

Natural Parks in the Cinque Terre and La Spezia area

Not only the Cinque Terre and its marine reserve, but a lot of green space and many opportunities to experience nature: are the regional and national nature parks included in the territory of La Spezia, often all to be discovered for those who live here. The territory of La Spezia includes one national park , two regional parks , four RN2000 protected areas. Overall, about 20,000 hectares of territory where you can find a varied natural landscape biodiversity. But what are these territories, and how can we enjoy them at…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights La Spezia local insider

Il Palio dei Golfo in numbers

Un viaggio attraverso il Palio del Golfo e la sua storia seguendo i numeri che ne hanno costruito la tradizione. La competizione tra le borgate marinare che domenica 5 agosto 2018 si terrà nelle acque della passeggiata Morin è certamente una delle tradizioni più vive e sentite della Spezia e Provincia. Il Palio del Golfo con il suo fitto calendario di eventi in programma è il momento in cui tutte le borgate si raccolgono in città e per qualche giorno fanno sentire anche al centro cittadino il loro spirito.Noi proviamo…

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