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4 things to do in Italy in October

Let’s face it: autumn brings with it a bit of Summer Blues.

Yes, some of us love finding themselves within the walls of their home, resuming work after a break and maybe enjoying the cooler temperatures.
But reality is that even those who say so, at the end of the weekend hope for some good weather to accumulate a little more Vitamin D, the vitamin that denotes the quality of life in its levels and is produced by the body when we expose the skin to the sun in the right way .

If we assimilate other vitamins through food, to get vitamin D we must uncover the skin in the sun instead. In fact it would be more correct to say that Vitamin D is a hormone, formed when the skin meets the ultraviolet component B of the sun’s rays, due to the transformation of a pro-vitamin already present in the skin.
According to many studies, in autumn 3-4 sun exposure a week of 20-30 minutes of the face and hands ensure the necessary intake of Vitamin D for our well-being.

4 ideas of things to do in October in Italy, to not surrender to the coming winter!

  1. Walk in the nature: the right temperatures
  2. IThe sea in winter
  3. Mushrooms, mines of Vitamine D
  4. Olive Oil, oil of well-being

Trekking nella natura: ora le temperature sono ottimali

Trekking trails in Italy can be tiring in the summer when the temperatures are too high, while in autumn you can walk in the nature, exposed to the not too hot sun, to take in all the benefits.
The light still reigns over the night, and the clear air, not clouded by the waves of heat that rise from the earth, allows us to push the point of view towards more distant horizons.
Let’s walk, then: let yourself be surrounded by natural suggestions that fill the days before winter prevails.
For example on the beautiful paths on the sea in the autumn light, between the coastal villages of the Ligurian coast separated by millennial stone paths in nature, which breath the sea from their windows, cook it, make it an essential protagonist.


2 – The sea in autumn

In Italy in October it generally happens that the sea water changes its temperature a lot, and if in the first weeks it is possible to still swim in pleasant waters, at the end of the month jumping into the sea is generally to be avoided, even if there are courageous tourists of the northern Europe that engage in extreme diving. But if the day is pleasant, walking on the beach, perhaps letting yourself be lapped by the waves all through the fall is absolutely advisable.
Beach walking stimulates circulation, the effect of sea water is a beneficial massage for feet and legs, and allows you to burn more calories than a classic walk, because the foot must do more pressure than on a dry floor. Walking barefoot on the shoreline helps free the mind from thoughts, fighting stress and improving mood.
For the bravest, also kayaking is a good autumn activity, as the suit protects you from the cold water and allows you to enjoy the mostly deserted sea of October.

3 – Mushrooms, loads of D Vitamin

Mushrooms hide a lot of vitamin D in their folds for the well-being of the season.

Nature gives us the right nutrition at the right time, always.
Mushrooms that are born spontaneously in the Italian woods in this season are very rich in Vitamin D: in particular the finferlo, the porcino, the ovulo and the chiodino. If it is true that it is in particular the sun that gives us this precious hormone, mushrooms can be an excellent food supplement, especially in this season of transition between long days in the sun and the gradual decrease in light. And this, precisely because mushrooms are great assimilators of sunlight themselves. According to the University of Boston, in fact, mushrooms exposed to UV rays contain high concentrations of precursor to vitamin D, provitamin D, which is transformed into vitamin D just as happens in human skin exposed to the sun.

4 – Wellness lives in the olive groves

The olive groves of Italy are preparing for the harvest: hectic days spent among olive trees, in the green of the hills, to obtain the precious gold. Visiting the mill is a wonderful experience, which allows you to get to know a fundamental element of Mediteranean diet and well-being. In fact, olive oil provides essential vitamins for our body, especially vitamin E – with its emollient and antioxidant properties – and vitamin D, which is valuable for the immune, cardiovascular and bone systems.


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