Accommodations in La Spezia

The most common and convenient hospitality facilities to visit the Cinque Terre area are the room rentals offered by locals as accommodations in La Spezia.

Spread all over La Spezia city center, they are very appreciated by visitors for the their locations, next to the transport facilities, the fine services, the friendliness of the hosts and the refined style and design. Often situated at walking distance to the railway station and the waterfront of La Spezia, they are ideal to visit the Cinque Terre and the islands and move around the area.

If you have a car you can park it for the whole period of your stay and forget about it. This is a very important option, considered the lack of parking facilities in the most renowned sightseeing locations of the area. Room rentals accommodations in La Spezia are always run by locals who decided to convert their own properties in accommodation facilities for visitors.

The selection of room rentals we recommend on this page are the best reviewed accommodations in La Spezia, part of the Welcome to La Spezia consortium.