Welcome to Forte dei Marmi

Definitely one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Forrte dei Marmi developed around the famous pier built in the sixteenth century for the loading of Apuan marbles and, since 1788, protected by a fort built by Leopoldo I.

Nobles from around Europe, diplomats, businessmen artists and celebrities have built splendid villas hidden and protected by the greenery of its pine forest, choosing its very fine sands for sociable vacations.

In the last hundred years it has become a popular tourist destination known throughout the world, and has been able to transform a part of the original environment into wonderful gardens, orchards and lush lawns with villas set in the greenery, preserving this special relationship with nature.

Not to miss

Designers Shopping

Countless boutiques to discover and shop new fashion and designers trends. A Milan away from Milan, on the sea and in a much more relaxed atmosphere. For those who don’t want to buy luxury clothing, there is also a nice street market with a good choice of fashion items.
Shopping in Forte dei marmi

The Pier

Around the Pier of Forte dei Marmi, which embodies the story of the city, the buzzing nightlife comes alive, bringing together celebrities and normal people, who all enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Unmissable. The pier is the boarding point for boats traveling to Portovenere and the Cinque Terre.
The Pier


Very popular in Italy, the beach and seafront clubs of Forte dei Marmi have made its nightlife renowned since the Sixties, with bars that became famous such as the historic nightclubs La Capannina and Twiga.
The Twiga Club in Forte dei Marmi

The Fort

In the center of Forte dei Marmi lies its fort, also known as the Forte Lorenese. Built for defensive reasons, the fort is today the symbol of the city, so much so that, in addition to its name, it is represented on the municipal emblem.
The Fort of Forte dei Marmi

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