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The fascinating city of Pietrasanta is the perfect destination for both classical and contermporary art lovers. Thanks to the marble quarrying taking place in the nearby Carrara, Pietrasanta has established itself and still is an international hub for sculpture artists from all over the world and a destination for a curious public.

In Pietrasanta you can visit museums and galleries, but also open air art of the highest level, in an uninterrupted and continuously renewed comprehensive collection.

Pietrasanta has been chosen as a home by many artists, among which Igor Mitoraj and Fernando Botero. Strolling through the elegant historic center you can decide to stop at galleries, boutiques, wine bars and fine restaurants, and two churches: the Cathedral of San Martino on the beautiful Piazza Duomo, with valuable works inside. The magnificent bell tower is also remarkable. On the same square there is the church (closed for worship) of Sant’Agostino, with a beautiful cloister and a baroque bell tower, as well as the Teatro Comunale. Among the many sculptures that can be admired while walking through the city we should point out – among the permanent ones – the Warrior by Botero and the Centaur and the Annunciation (which decorates the crescent above the main portal of the church of Sant ‘Agostino) by Mitoraj.

A good time to visit Pietrasanta can be the summer, when art shows and exhibitions are buzzing in the square and in the galleries, as well as shows in the Villa Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta. The municipality is in fact equipped with a maritime area which, just a few kilometers away from the historic core, allows you to discover the colorful kaleidoscope of the Versilia coast.

Not to miss

The dome of Pietrasanta on its main square

San Martino church

The Cathedral of San Martino in Pietrasanta is an architectural jewel in marble, located right in the center of the city. Built in the thirteenth century, it was renovated  in the fourteenth century when the splendid marble façade was built, with the four smooth pillars, the pointed arches and in the center the large rose window, richly decorated in marble.
San Martino in Pietrasanta

Cloister of Sant'Agostino

Annexed to the San Marino church there used to be the Augustinian convent, now used for contemporary art exhibitions and events, as well as being home to the municipal library and the Bozzetti museum. Its characteristic cloister displays elegant marble columns and various lunettes frescoed with episodes from the life of Saint Augustine.
Sant’Agostino Cloister

Well-equipped Beaches

A perfect sea resort for both families and people who like comfort, Pietrasanta offers well organized beaches, with restaurants and night clubs for a whole day of entertainment.
The Beaches of Pietrasanta

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