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At the Firmafede Fortress, the Galilean scientific revolution in a exhibition

After the 2017 exhibition dedicated to the machines of Leonardo da Vinci, from March 24 to May 6 the exhibition in the fortress Firmafede “Galileo and the scientific revolution”, recreates the historical, social and religious environment that marked the birth of modernity. 

The exhibition, accompanied by educational panels, interactive three-dimensional models of Galilean inventions and experiments, places Galileo’s figure and human experience in its historical and socio-cultural landscape. Of the modernity that was being drawn in its characteristics, it tries to show the ferments, the contrasts and the incredible creativity, no less important in the Italy of the Counter-Reformation. The new experimental scientific approach of Galileo to reach the knowledge of nature, the lack of a constructive encounter with the authorities and the power, the entire Galilean affair and its historical significance are re-read in the light of contemporary science showing the contrasted relationship and the points meeting between faith and the science of modernity.

Four sections through which the exhibition will be built up.

Starting from the masters who have represented the model and inspiration for Galileo, through the relationship between the scientist and the knowledge, follows the section dedicated to Galileo’s trial, to end with the section dedicated to the scientific legacy left by the master.
For the entire duration of the exhibition there will be guided tours, educational workshops, activities and events for families.
The exhibition will be open every day from 10.30 to 18.30.
The admission ticket costs € 8 (full) and € 4 (reduced). Discounts are available for families.
For more information visit the website www.fortezzafirmafede.it.

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