Val di Vara, green travel in the Cinque Terre inland

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For those visiting the Cinque Terre, the Val di Vara is a surprise of mountains, and peasant culture, which constitutes the historical and cultural background of the seaside resorts.

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A visit to the city of Sarzana

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Born from the ruins of ancient Luni, place of origin of the Bonapartes, the beginning of the Gothic Line, Sarzana is the protagonist of history.

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Portovenere, what to do and see

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Explore Portovenere, what to see and do in the “Pearl of the Gulf,” undoubtedly among Italy’s most evocative seaside villages.

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La Spezia beaches, a varied area

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La Spezia beaches are not located directly in the city, which intrigues many, given that the sea is breathed in the city, you can see it but not touch it.

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Visit the ancient roman city of Luni

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The ancient roman city of Luni was a port for the transport of marble, and today a remarkable archaeological site, testimony to the ancient history of Lunigiana, to which it gives its name.

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The magic of Lunigiana, among castles and legends

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A constellation of hamlets and villages characterizes the whole territory of Lunigiana, surrounded by an aura of legend and mystery.

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Palmaria Island, pristine nature in the Gulf of the Poets

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Pristine nature and unique natural habitats, along with history and legendary tales. Palmaria Island, the largest in Liguria, is full of surprises.

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Lerici, the castle, the inspiration and the outdoor activities

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With its imposing castle, Lerici overlooks the Bay of the Poets and the many outdoor lovers having fun on its exciting coast.

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What is La Spezia known for? A romantic bay full of inspiration

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In Italy, La Spezia is known for the romantic inspiration of its bay, called the Bay of the Poets. Yet the La Spezia sea is a destination for exciting adventures too.

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La Spezia, worth a visit

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A city with an ancient history that cannot be seen because it is hidden by the more recent and important one. Some ideas for those looking for what to do in La Spezia.

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