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Beyond the Kingdom’s Borders: hiking from Levanto to Framura

Technically it’s not in the Cinque Terre area, but with the Cinque Terre it shares history, the atmosphere, and beauty: beyond the Punta Mesco hiking from Levanto to Framura, passing through the fishermen’s village Bonassola goes through the scented forest and always looks at the...

Cinque Terre Train

The Cinque Terre Train: tips and advice

The Cinque Terre train runs through the five villages, from La Spezia towards Genova. Special traind during the high season ensure a good service in response to the always higher fluxes of tourists visiting the area. Cinque Terre is a beautiful sea location north-west of...


Vernazza among the Italy best beach resorts

The 2016 Legambiente and Touring Club Blue Guide with the most beautiful sea standings was issued: Vernazza enters among the top 10 places in a ranking led by Sardinia and Puglia Vernazza holds aloft the Ligurian Sea in the ranking of the best beach resorts...

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Two absolutely stunning staires to do (if you are trained): Monesteroli and Punta Corvo

The stair ending in the beach of Punta Corvo – ph. Tripadvisor Punta Corvo and Monesteroli, unique beauty destinations on the opposite ends of the Gulf of Poets united by one detail: the challenging stairs to reach them. Liguria is not a simple destination; it is...