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Visit of the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia

Many visitors in wish to see the Naval Base and arsenal of the city, but the Technical and Naval Museum of La Spezia next to it is is definitely worth a visit. La Spezia naval base is since 1870 one of the main Navy ports in Italy, but visiting it is not possible for security reasons. Yet, those who are interested in the navy and telecommunication history can definitely enjoy a visit to the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia, right next to the base. Specially kids will love the…

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Cinque Terre Sightseeing

Work in Progress for the Nativity in Manarola 2017

Mario Andreoli and his staff are preparing to switch on the Nativity in Manarola 2017, designed by him and now famous all over the world. Entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest illuminated nativity scene in the world, the lighting on the Hill of the Three Crosses of Manarola is now an unmissable event of Christmas in the Cinque Terre, which this year will illuminate the nights until January 31, 2018. The whole village takes part in these days to the construction of this dream of light tenaciously desired…

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Highlights History and culture La Spezia local insider Lerici Sightseeing Tips

Tellaro: how an octopus saved one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy

East end of the Gulf of Poets, Tellaro is on the list of most beautiful villages in Italy drawn up by the Italian Touring Club. The legend says that it was a bell-ringer octopus to save the village from a pirate invasion One with its cliffs, the end of the east of the town of Lerici, Tellaro is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the entire Gulf of Poets. The poet Mario Soldati lived here, but the real star of the village is an octopus, which is the…

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La Spezia La Spezia local insider Sightseeing Tips

Not to miss in La Spezia: 12 panoramic view points

From the hidden villages to the sea, from the Val di Magra to over the Cinque Terre: a journey through the province in 12 exceptional slides. From east to west, from the border with Tuscany to the Cinque Terre and Beyond: the area of La Spezia is a postcard land. You can also visit it searching for its many sights , to close it in a series of infinite beauty shots. You will get a surprise route, made of sea views, and not just that. Below the one we would…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights Portovenere Sightseeing Tips

The Tinetto Island: much more than a cliff!

An ancient convent, a kind of lizard that lives only on its surface and a statue that saves seafarers: Tinetto island is small, but infinitely rich At the end of the archipelago of La Spezia, Tinetto is a small island separated from the bigger Tino island by no more than one hundred meters of sea, its surface area is so reduced that it is often referred to as just a rock. Yet this rock has such uniqueness – in natural and historical terms – it can be considered one of…

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Cinque Terre La Spezia local insider Sightseeing Tips

Vernazza among the Italy best beach resorts

The 2016 Legambiente and Touring Club Blue Guide with the most beautiful sea standings was issued: Vernazza enters among the top 10 places in a ranking led by Sardinia and Puglia Vernazza holds aloft the Ligurian Sea in the ranking of the best beach resorts in Italy and – together with other 18 locations throughout Italy – earns the Cinque Vele – Five Sails – award, and find ist place in the Blue Guide – The most beautiful sea in 2016 published by the Italian Touring Club in collaboration with…

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Cinque Terre La Spezia local insider Sightseeing Tips

Guvano beach, the myth of the naturist beach in Corniglia

Today difficult to reach and threatened by landslide risk, between naturism and legend, the Guvano beach is in the Cinque Terre History Looking for a beach in the Cinque Terre in the area of La Spezia, sooner or later you hear about the Guvano beach (do not believe those who say that the area does not offer anything, there are beaches both int the Cinque Terre is in the La Spezia area). Guvano is one of three beaches of Corniglia, it is a legendary local place in the imagination because…

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La Spezia La Spezia local insider Lerici Sightseeing Tips

The cove of Lerici and the Fossola church: two secrets places in La Spezia even for locals

The Cove of Lerici and the Church of the Guardian Angels in Fossola: dream places, often unknown even to locals. The Gulf of Poets and the La Spezia area have many wonderful corners. Some are well known and popular, others are almost ignored by the beachgoers, as many do not know how they exist and others do not know how to reach them. Among these are the Cove of Lerici and the Church of the Guardian Angels in Fossola , embellishing the opposite shores of the gulf of La Spezia…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia local insider Sightseeing Tips

Torre Scola: almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by miracle

The fortification in front of Palmaria Island has a long story: built by the Genoese, almost destroyed by the British and saved from being demolished. Some italianize its name in “Torre Scuola” and some swear it was a prison, but the story of the Torre Scola is different and goes from the Republic of Genoa time, the Napoleonic time, the British domination: ask Mr. Ubaldo Mazzini. Torre Scola: Genoese defensive bastion With its standing out and powerful profile, the Scola Tower looks at the Palmaria island and is by now…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia Lerici Portovenere Sightseeing Tips

The poets’ places

The La Spezia bay is known as the “Gulf of Poets. But what is the reason of this name? Which poets have spent their lives here and praised the beauty of the area? If you want to follow a romantic itinerary to your journey in La Spezia, and visit the poets’ places, this is a short guide to the stops you shouldn’t miss. Probably, the two edges of the gulf are the hot spots of this theme journey, as they were two popular destinations for British romantic writers. Probably the…

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