La Spezia What's Up

International Jazz Festival of La Spezia 2018

Americana, a journey into jazz in memory of Martin Luther King La Spezia International Jazz Festival turns 50 The 23rd of July begins the La Spezia Jazz Festival, which has been taking place in La Spezia for over 50 years and brings together every year the most important performers of international jazz. It is certainly no coincidence that Spezia is the venue of the Festival, the jazz music scene has always been very lively in the city, thanks to the work of the Sprugolean Jazz band of Tiberio Nicola, founder…

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Eat Local La Spezia What's Up

Liguria da Bere 2018: street wine festival in La Spezia

From tomorrow 29th of June to the 1st of July the Wine Street Festival Liguria da Bere gets back to La Spezia Liguria da Bere is one of the most popular events in the summer of La Spezia as well as one of the main promotional events in the local wine production sector, putting together the Riviera producers, consumers and wine lovers. In the very center of La Spezia city, the routes are filled with wine and food tasting stands: the best way to try food specialties and get to…

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Exhibitions in La Spezia Sarzana What's Up

At the Firmafede Fortress, the Galilean scientific revolution in a exhibition

After the 2017 exhibition dedicated to the machines of Leonardo da Vinci, from March 24 to May 6 the exhibition in the fortress Firmafede “Galileo and the scientific revolution”, recreates the historical, social and religious environment that marked the birth of modernity.  The exhibition, accompanied by educational panels, interactive three-dimensional models of Galilean inventions and experiments, places Galileo’s figure and human experience in its historical and socio-cultural landscape. Of the modernity that was being drawn in its characteristics, it tries to show the ferments, the contrasts and the incredible creativity,…

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Palmaria island bike tour
Portovenere What's Up

The FAI Spring days in La Spezia: Spotlight on the Palmaria Island Fortress

The FAI Spring days in La Spezia: Visit the Umberto I Fortress on Island Palmaria and Case Lovara.  The FAI – Italian Environmental Fund – National Spring Days, have been organized for the last 26 years involving Italian cities in the opening to public places that are normally closed to visitors, and putting the spotlight on special cultural heritage buildings often unknown even to those who live a short distance from them. There are more than 1,000 places in all Italy, that can be visited upon the payment of a free contribution during…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia What's Up

The Saint Joseph Fair in La Spezia

The San Giuseppe Fair 2018 arrives, “highlight” of spring in the city, celebrating San Giuseppe patron, with its long-awaited white night of music and museums. From almost all the La Spezia people the Fair is expected with trepidation: tradition has it that it abounds porchetta, sausages, crispy, zeppole and brigidini. The fair announces that spring is now full, that begins the most beautiful season to stay out and enjoy the days that stretch. The 2018 fair will take place between Saturday 17 and Monday 19 March between 8am and 8pm,…

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Cinque Terre What's Up

Winter in the Cinque Terre gone viral

Winter in the Cinque Terre gone viral Like in all of Europe, also the Cinque Terre is tight in the grip of the cold. The Cinque Terre in winter gives unusual beautiful colors and atmospheres to the landscapes. Winter in the Cinque Terre is usually mild, a good option for those who like travelling to Southern Europe in this time. Winter 2018 is being quite cold though and has also brought snow to the landscape, giving unusual atmospheres and views. The typical fresh and clean air of winter, the long perspective on…

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Cinque Terre What's Up

Sciacchetrail 2018

This year’s Sciacchetrail takes place from 23rd to 25th March and was selected among the best projects about innovation and sustainability of Italian tourist destinations. Schiacchetrail is a running race which takes place every year in the Cinque Terre paths, joining love for outodoor sports, nature and for the unique Ligurian territory,  a way to enjoy wellness in a unspoilt environment.  The name “sciacchetrail” comes from the local sweet wine name Sciacchetra, and trail running, so defined on the race’s website: Trail running means, among others things, running for miles…

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History and culture Magra Valley & Lunigiana What's Up

Dante and the Lunigiana Castles in a photo exhibit

On 6 October 1306 Dante Alighieri was the exceptional witness of the Peace of Castelnuovo, the event that put an end to the long war between the Bishops of Luni and the Malaspina family for the ever-uncertain borders between the castles of Lunigiana and spiritual power in the territory. It is the historical episode documented at the base of a long relationship between the Poet and the region, less historically attested, but it seems important both in the biography and work of Dante that in the history of Lunigiana. It…

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Cinque Terre Gulf of Poets Tips What's Up

Enjoying the blue deep: Scuba Diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia

The Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre have many beauties, and the marine background of the whole area is not less worthy. More and more appreciated by diving lovers from all over the world, scuba diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia offers a wide variety of animal and vegetable species to the depths enthusiasts. The area is also part of the Sanctuary of Cetaceans since 1999, wxtended from northern Sardinia, Côte d’Azur and South of Tuscany, where it is easy to see whales, dolphins and many other also for…

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La Spezia local insider Portovenere What's Up

Madonna Bianca 2016: reach Portovenere (ferry or bus)

On August 17, as tradition, Porto Venere dresses of lights and magic. Not recommended to reach the town by car, here timetables and ferry fares Porto Venere is a village of rare beauty, but the night of the 17 August – by tradition – is even more magical. It is on that day, in fact, that on the feast of the Madonna Bianca The profile of the village lights up thanks to the candles placed by the inhabitants: San Pietro that standing in the dark is something that remains every…

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