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Fresh Egg Dough Cooking Class

Description On a farm in the countryside of La Spezia, spread over seven hectares cultivated with olive groves, vegetables and fruit plants exclusively with natural methods, the genuineness is also the host in welcoming, simple but warm. The owners of this small kingdom of wellness...


Stuffed Ravioli Pasta Cooking Class

Information Ravioli (raviei) is a beloved specialty of La Spezia cuisine. Typically in a vegetarian version, filled with borage and ricotta, but also the inspiration for a thousand interpretations, this stuffed pasta is always cooked on the most special occasions and when there is a...


Oysters and Bellavista Portovenere Boat Tour

Experience Information Treat yourself to an unforgettable evening on board a stylish boat all for you, taste some fresh local oysters while sipping a great Franciacorta wine like the Bellavista, with the bellavista of the Portovenere skyline.   Read More Meeting Point Departure from Fezzano, Portovenere, La Spezia...