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The Saint Joseph Fair in La Spezia

The San Giuseppe Fair 2018 arrives, “highlight” of spring in the city, celebrating San Giuseppe patron, with its long-awaited white night of music and museums. From almost all the La Spezia people the Fair is expected with trepidation: tradition has it that it abounds porchetta, sausages, crispy, zeppole and brigidini. The fair announces that spring is now full, that begins the most beautiful season to stay out and enjoy the days that stretch. The 2018 fair will take place between Saturday 17 and Monday 19 March between 8am and 8pm,…

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Visit of the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia

Many visitors in wish to see the Naval Base and arsenal of the city, but the Technical and Naval Museum of La Spezia next to it is is definitely worth a visit. La Spezia naval base is since 1870 one of the main Navy ports in Italy, but visiting it is not possible for security reasons. Yet, those who are interested in the navy and telecommunication history can definitely enjoy a visit to the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia, right next to the base. Specially kids will love the…

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Cinque Terre Gulf of Poets Tips What's Up

Enjoying the blue deep: Scuba Diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia

The Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre have many beauties, and the marine background of the whole area is not less worthy. More and more appreciated by diving lovers from all over the world, scuba diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia offers a wide variety of animal and vegetable species to the depths enthusiasts. The area is also part of the Sanctuary of Cetaceans since 1999, wxtended from northern Sardinia, Côte d’Azur and South of Tuscany, where it is easy to see whales, dolphins and many other also for…

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Gulf of Poets Portovenere Tips What's Up

Madonna Bianca: il miracolo di Portovenere

16 agosto 1399, la voce gira di strada in strada: “In casa di Luciardo è successo un miracolo. La Madonna è diventata Bianca!” La festa della Madonna Bianca, che ogni anno il 17 agosto anima il borgo di Portovenere, ha origini molto antiche. La nascita del culto mariano portovenerino risale a una notte estiva del 1399, quando in casa di tal Luciardo si verificò un miracolo. Il miracolo della Madonna Bianca di Portovenere Era il 16 agosto dell’ultimo anno del 1300. In casa sua, Luciardo stava pregando davanti a un’icona…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia local insider

Il Palio dei Golfo in numbers

Un viaggio attraverso il Palio del Golfo e la sua storia seguendo i numeri che ne hanno costruito la tradizione. La competizione tra le borgate marinare che domenica 5 agosto 2018 si terrà nelle acque della passeggiata Morin è certamente una delle tradizioni più vive e sentite della Spezia e Provincia. Il Palio del Golfo con il suo fitto calendario di eventi in programma è il momento in cui tutte le borgate si raccolgono in città e per qualche giorno fanno sentire anche al centro cittadino il loro spirito. Noi…

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Cinque Terre Gulf of Poets La Spezia local insider Tips

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Difficult to walk (and swim), very popular among those who have a boat: the “Rosse” enchant swimmers and boaters. If you look at La Spezia’s coastline from the panoramic terrace of San Pietro in or during a boat trip to the Cinque Terre , the “Rosse” – the Red Rocks – of Albana, feturing a reddish color – will definitely catch your attention. Hard to reach on foot and a real treasure for boat owners, Le Rosse are considered by many – thanks to their crystal waters and the unique…

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The Stair of the Doomed: cursed beauty on the Palmaria Island

The Stair of the Doomed climbs from the Terrizzo to the Palmaria Island top. A walk along the route used by the the prisoners convicted to forced labor for the construction of Forte Cavour The archipelago of La Spezia includes – with its three small islands – more than one reason of charm and interest. The Palmaria Island, which already can be appreciated for its beautiful clear waters and wildlife, is an excellent destination not only for swimming, but also for those who love hiking. Among the various paths that…

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Margaret, the ship sleeping leaning to the dam

Sank on the night of 2 and 3 December 2005, the Georgian ship is still lying against the dam of La Spezia. Virtually invisible to the eyes, hiding  its story under the sea On the night of December 2, 2005 was a stormy night. The Gulf of Poets, usually very sheltered, has wrought a force 5 sea with a violent south-west wind with gusts that reached 50 knots. On this horde night, the ship Margaret – a Georgian cement of 84 meters in length – left from Genoa to reach the…

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Do in La Spezia Cinque Terre & more: four good reasons to visit La Spezia area

What to visit La Spezia and surroundings? While once the Cinque Terre were enough, now with the biological district, historic Sarzana and the new course of La Spezia if you go away too quickly, you risk making a big mistake. Cinque Terre are a delight to visit them – at least once in a lifetime – and basically a must see. The risk, though, is that they end up being the only tourist attraction of the territory of La Spezia, which has rather a lot to offer. Who wants to…

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The Tinetto Island: much more than a cliff!

An ancient convent, a kind of lizard that lives only on its surface and a statue that saves seafarers: Tinetto island is small, but infinitely rich At the end of the archipelago of La Spezia, Tinetto is a small island separated from the bigger Tino island by no more than one hundred meters of sea, its surface area is so reduced that it is often referred to as just a rock. Yet this rock has such uniqueness – in natural and historical terms – it can be considered one of…

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