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The Pesto Sauce: a serious matter, intangible cultural heritage of humanity

This week, Liguria unfolds a long green carpet, stretching all along the Riviera, to promote the Pesto Sauce as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity A green masterpiece, a joy for the eyes and the watering mouth, green gold that grows in your hands when you mix of a few, simple, fresh elements. The Pesto sauce is simplicity in the kitchen, in the best Italian tradition, that joins everyone in a journey of tasting pleasure. Liguria in Italy is the cradle of this unique sauce known all over the world…

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Cinque Terre Highlights

A place of the heart of the Cinque Terre: the 400-year history of the Capuchin convent of Monterosso

Magical place full of spirituality, the Capuchin convent of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre celebrates its fourth centenary. The convent of the Capuchins in Monterosso looks to the open sea from the hill of San Cristoforo, between the beach of Fegina and the village that right here finds the origins of its historic core. For the spectacular view and the charm of the structure was ranked first in the seventh national census of “Places of the heart 2014” of the FAI with 110.341 reports, number never equaled by any other…

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Cinque Terre Highlights Tips Trekking

Beyond the Kingdom’s Borders: hiking from Levanto to Framura

Technically they are not in Cinque Terre, but with the Cinque Terre they share the history, the atmosphere and the beauties: beyond the Punta Mesco the trail between Levanto and Framura, passing through Bonassola goes through the scented forest and always looks at the sea to discover spacious beaches and historic charm. If you ask a local, Cinque Terre is an area enclosed between Punta Schiara and Punta Mesco, where the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are included, giving the area its name (Cinque Terre means…

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Highlights History and culture La Spezia local insider Lerici Sightseeing Tips

Tellaro: how an octopus saved one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy

East end of the Gulf of Poets, Tellaro is on the list of most beautiful villages in Italy drawn up by the Italian Touring Club. The legend says that it was a bell-ringer octopus to save the village from a pirate invasion One with its cliffs, the end of the east of the town of Lerici, Tellaro is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the entire Gulf of Poets. The poet Mario Soldati lived here, but the real star of the village is an octopus, which is the…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights La Spezia local insider Portovenere Tips

The Stair of the Doomed: cursed beauty on the Palmaria Island

The Stair of the Doomed climbs from the Terrizzo to the Palmaria Island top. A walk along the route used by the the prisoners convicted to forced labor for the construction of Forte Cavour The archipelago of La Spezia includes – with its three small islands – more than one reason of charm and interest. The Palmaria Island, which already can be appreciated for its beautiful clear waters and wildlife, is an excellent destination not only for swimming, but also for those who love hiking. Among the various paths that…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights History and culture La Spezia La Spezia local insider Tips

Margaret, the ship sleeping leaning to the dam

Sank on the night of 2 and 3 December 2005, the Georgian ship is still lying against the dam of La Spezia. Virtually invisible to the eyes, hiding  its story under the sea On the night of December 2, 2005 was a stormy night. The Gulf of Poets, usually very sheltered, has wrought a force 5 sea with a violent south-west wind with gusts that reached 50 knots. On this horde night, the ship Margaret – a Georgian cement of 84 meters in length – left from Genoa to reach the…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights Portovenere Sightseeing Tips

The Tinetto Island: much more than a cliff!

An ancient convent, a kind of lizard that lives only on its surface and a statue that saves seafarers: Tinetto island is small, but infinitely rich At the end of the archipelago of La Spezia, Tinetto is a small island separated from the bigger Tino island by no more than one hundred meters of sea, its surface area is so reduced that it is often referred to as just a rock. Yet this rock has such uniqueness – in natural and historical terms – it can be considered one of…

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Cinque Terre Highlights Tips

The Cinque Terre Train: tips and advice

Cinque Terre is the most visited location in La Spezia area. Some advice to enjoy the park with the Cinque Terre train. Cinque Terre is a beautiful sea location north-west of La Spezia. Although it is often considered a single place, Cinque Terre is actually a natural park area, including five sea villages embedded in its rugged and rocky shoreline: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. The quaint villags have been secluded and isolated from each other for a long time in the past, when they could be reached only…

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Gulf of Poets Highlights La Spezia La Spezia local insider Tips

Dazed by the heat? What to do in La Spezia on hot days

Dazed by the heat? Five ideas on what to do in La Spezia on hot days, to resist heat between sea and mountains Summer is finally here. If we were complaining about rain and cold last week, now it’s starting to get really hot. Luckily La Spezia’s area, and its immediate surroundings, offer some possibilities to escape the heat. Below, we list the top five places to do so. 1 – On the rocks at the Carlo Alberto (or Cala ALberto), Palmaria Island St. Peter’s church in Portovenere before your…

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