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A place of the heart of the Cinque Terre: the 400-year history of the Capuchin convent of Monterosso

A magical place full of spirituality, the Capuchin convent of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre celebrates its fourth centenary. The convent of the Capuchins in Monterosso looks to the open sea from the hill of San Cristoforo, between the beach of Fegina and the village...


Beyond the Kingdom’s Borders: hiking from Levanto to Framura

Technically it's not in the Cinque Terre area, but with the Cinque Terre it shares history, the atmosphere, and beauty: beyond the Punta Mesco hiking from Levanto to Framura, passing through the fishermen's village Bonassola goes through the scented forest and always looks at the...


The Stair of the Doomed: cursed beauty on the Palmaria Island

The Stair of the Doomed climbs from the Terrizzo to the Palmaria Island top. A walk along the route used by the prisoners convicted to forced labor for the construction of the Forte Cavour The archipelago of La Spezia includes- with its three islands –...