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Visit of the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia

Many visitors in wish to see the Naval Base and arsenal of the city, but the Technical and Naval Museum of La Spezia next to it is is definitely worth a visit. La Spezia naval base is since 1870 one of the main Navy ports in Italy, but visiting it is not possible for security reasons. Yet, those who are interested in the navy and telecommunication history can definitely enjoy a visit to the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia, right next to the base. Specially kids will love the…

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Enjoying the blue deep: Scuba Diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia

The Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre have many beauties, and the marine background of the whole area is not less worthy. More and more appreciated by diving lovers from all over the world, scuba diving in Cinque Terre and La Spezia offers a wide variety of animal and vegetable species to the depths enthusiasts. The area is also part of the Sanctuary of Cetaceans since 1999, wxtended from northern Sardinia, Côte d’Azur and South of Tuscany, where it is easy to see whales, dolphins and many other also for…

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Cinque Terre Highlights Tips Trekking

Beyond the Kingdom’s Borders: hiking from Levanto to Framura

Technically they are not in Cinque Terre, but with the Cinque Terre they share the history, the atmosphere and the beauties: beyond the Punta Mesco the trail between Levanto and Framura, passing through Bonassola goes through the scented forest and always looks at the sea to discover spacious beaches and historic charm. If you ask a local, Cinque Terre is an area enclosed between Punta Schiara and Punta Mesco, where the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are included, giving the area its name (Cinque Terre means…

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The sea Trail, to swim carefree between Vernazza and Monterosso

The coast of the Cinque Terre by the sea: a joy for the eyes not only for those who own a boat. The success of the Cinque Terre makes them very attractive for those who like to sail and motorboats, yachts, sailboats flock more and more in the coves and beaches of this stretch of coast, sometimes in the not too open sea and approaching the shore. But for those who like to swim and admire the scenic beauty of the Cinque Terre, amplified by the sensation of being immersed…

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La Spezia local insider Tips Trekking

Three ways to fall in love with the Cinque Terre (again)

Too crowded in the high season, the Cinque Terre still show their soul to those who want to find out. Here are three ways to do it. Japanese photographers taking photos of the Germans with sandals, american blondes with squeaky white teeth, crowded trains. Many people who “have been there, have done that” as they hear Cinque Terre, will first visualize these images. Yet, if tourism has changed the face of the Cinque Terre Riviera in recent years, there are still ways to explore the most genuine nature of the…

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Cinque Terre Mountain Bike Excursion with Food Tasting

A bike an foot path on the Via Francigena

For some time, the pedestrian and bike road that runs along the Lunense Canal has been inaugurated,  joining the villages of Val di Magra, between Santo Stefano and Luni, on the route of Via Francigena. A beautiful initiative, which opens new perspectives in large green spaces of Val di Magra. The Lunense canal is a fundamental work of irrigation of the Valley, built in the 30s of the last century. For a long stretch, the canal flows a few meters from the Cisa and Aurelia state roads, and follows more…

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Highlights History and culture La Spezia local insider Lerici Sightseeing Tips

Tellaro: how an octopus saved one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy

East end of the Gulf of Poets, Tellaro is on the list of most beautiful villages in Italy drawn up by the Italian Touring Club. The legend says that it was a bell-ringer octopus to save the village from a pirate invasion One with its cliffs, the end of the east of the town of Lerici, Tellaro is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the entire Gulf of Poets. The poet Mario Soldati lived here, but the real star of the village is an octopus, which is the…

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La Spezia La Spezia local insider Tips

Live like a local: what you should have done for a proper local experience

La Spezia, elusive at first glance, it is rather a city that has its own traditions in the little things of everyday life. There are things that all La Spezia people did: here are 5, to begin to understand them.   La Spezia is a strange city. Who approaches it, at first glance hardly understands. It almost seems that it does not have an identity. Yet there are experiences shared by all its inhabitants, moments of life together that create a unique soul. These small daily behavior – things that…

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La Spezia Tips

Climbing up La Spezia Stairways

It might seem an exaggeration to equate La Spezia in Paris, but even if on a smaller scale, some of the streets, buildings and stairs that were built in the nineteenth century in the center of the city resemble the contemporary urban style of Paris is the Art Nuveau, the “Liberty” style in Italy. Like many other cities of Liguria, La Spezia is built on at least two levels : the Sea level and that of the High Town , on the hills that surround it. The town of La…

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La Spezia La Spezia local insider Sightseeing Tips

Not to miss in La Spezia: 12 panoramic view points

From the hidden villages to the sea, from the Val di Magra to over the Cinque Terre: a journey through the province in 12 exceptional slides. From east to west, from the border with Tuscany to the Cinque Terre and Beyond: the area of La Spezia is a postcard land. You can also visit it searching for its many sights , to close it in a series of infinite beauty shots. You will get a surprise route, made of sea views, and not just that. Below the one we would…

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