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Dante and the Lunigiana Castles in a photo exhibit

On 6 October 1306 Dante Alighieri was the exceptional witness of the Peace of Castelnuovo, the event that put an end to the long war between the Bishops of Luni and the Malaspina family for the ever-uncertain borders between the castles of Lunigiana and spiritual power in the territory. It is the historical episode documented at the base of a long relationship between the Poet and the region, less historically attested, but it seems important both in the biography and work of Dante that in the history of Lunigiana. It…

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Panigacci and Testaroli: meanings and differences

Many food specialties in La Spezia area come from the inland. Two of them are Panigacci and Testaroli, with similar dough and slight differences in preparation and traditions. “But what is the difference between panigacci and testaroli?” You ight wonder while you stay and try food between Deiva Marina and Lunigiana. It’s not easy  to give a definite and convincing answer and you might hear different and conflicting explanations. The truth is that panigacci and testaroli are two typical dishes of the poor cuisine of Lunigiana that arise from a…

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Not just the sea. La Spezia has (at least) 4 fabolous inland paradises

The “orange flag” award of the Touring Club certifies excellence in the offer and the quality of the small inland towns. In the area of La Spezia 4 villages deserved it. Featuring sustainable tourism and quality high level services: the Italian Orange Flag of the Touring Club is assigned to the small Italian inland centers that can offer all of this. In the province of La Spezia 4 villages can boast this important recognition (three of which are in Val di Vara). Varese Ligure: a jewel with Borgorotondo and the…

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Eat Local Magra Valley & Lunigiana Tips

Panigacci or Testaroli? The Lunigiana Dilemma

If you are going out for dinner in La Spezia, you might find in the menu Testaroli and Panigacci, delicious dishes you will only find in the La Spezia area. Panigacci and Testaroli are actually typical of the Magra Valley, the inland area towards Tuscany called Lunigiana, but are very popular and common in La Spezia too. Also among locals you might hear different stories about the difference between the two, the origins and ways to cook and appreciate them at their best are very contentious too. These two specialities…

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