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Pinguini, libellule e orsi polari: animali segreti di Spezia

Some facades of the old town of La Spezia are decorated with small delights that come from the past and tell of a different city. Penguins, polar bears and dragonflies are the masters. There is a La Spezia that is not known. It is the city that hides the secret wonders of it art nouveau period. It is the city that, as with the fantastic futurist mosaics within the Post Office building, to be found with a little ‘patience and – after finding it – to be listened to. Only…

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Palio del Golfo: the villages light up the city with three days of passion

As of Friday, three days of passion for the Palio of the Gulf and the Sea Festival. Friday’s show is the beginning. Grand finale Sunday, when the Passeggiata Morin will host the first race and then the fireworks   The most awaited week of the year by the La Spezia villages is coming . Friday, August 5 , the 91st Palio del Golfo opens the dance. All the way to the fireworks that will light up the city at night Sunday, August 7 , the thirteen seaside villages will take…

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Cinque Terre Gulf of Poets La Spezia local insider Tips

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Difficult to walk (and swim), very popular among those who have a boat: the “Rosse” enchant swimmers and boaters. If you look at La Spezia’s coastline from the panoramic terrace of San Pietro in or during a boat trip to the Cinque Terre , the “Rosse” – the Red Rocks – of Albana, feturing a reddish color – will definitely catch your attention. Hard to reach on foot and a real treasure for boat owners, Le Rosse are considered by many – thanks to their crystal waters and the unique…

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Stadomelli in Val di Vara speaks English with the Scottish Fest

Every summer the Stadomelli village hosts the Scottish Fest, a sign of a deep bond between the town of Val di Vara and the United Kingdom For some years, the summer of Stadomelli – small village in the municipality of Rocchetta Vara – lights to the sound of bagpipes and with the flavor of fish & amp; chips , rivers of beer and haggis for the Scottish Festival. “A Scottish celebration in Val di Vara?” One wonders, amazed. Yes, a Scottish celebration in Val di Vara and if one looks…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia local insider Portovenere

The Stair of the Doomed: cursed beauty on the Palmaria Island

The Stair of the Doomed climbs from the Terrizzo to the Palmaria Island top. A walk along the route used by the the prisoners convicted to forced labor for the construction of Forte Cavour The archipelago of La Spezia includes – with its three small islands – more than one reason of charm and interest. The Palmaria Island, which already can be appreciated for its beautiful clear waters and wildlife, is an excellent destination not only for swimming, but also for those who love hiking. Among the various paths that…

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History and culture La Spezia local insider Sarzana Sightseeing

Napoleone, the emperor from Sarzana

A plaque on a building tells of the bond between Sarzana and the Bonaparte, Napoleon himself mentioined it in his last memories. From exile to the control the world, the story of a family that departed from Sarzana Today 21 July 2016 , the city of Sarzana is celebrating 551 years. For the occasion was organized a huge party, with a White Night with a Pharaonic program . There are many famous people of the past who could also celebrate this birthday. Among the many that tie their story to…

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The "natural Pool" of Portovenere: on saturday!

On Saturday 23rd of July, one of the hottest events in La Spezia, loved and attended by so many locals: it’s the natural pool of Portovenere. The so-called “Portovenere’s natural pool” is a day during which the sea channel between Portovenere and the Palmaria island gets closed to the boats traffic so that people can swim in its water. Although the distance between the two closest points of Portovenere and the island is about 50 meters and the swim is absolutely doable and beautiful, the Portovenere channel is in fact…

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Ferris Wheel, celebrating the sea in la Spezia

For the second year, on the occasion of the Feast of the Sea, held on the Morin promenade the Ferris wheel. The city view from 22 meters above sea level. At the intersection bewtween the Morin Promenade and the Molo Italia dock – before the Capitaneria di porto palace – has been active for a few days the ferris wheel. Twenty-two meters high, the wheel has a lead role in the skyline of the walk to the sea waiting for the Palio and the Palio village (that will be takw…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia La Spezia local insider

Margaret, the ship sleeping leaning to the dam

Sank on the night of 2 and 3 December 2005, the Georgian ship is still lying against the dam of La Spezia. Virtually invisible to the eyes, hiding  its story under the sea On the night of December 2, 2005 was a stormy night. The Gulf of Poets, usually very sheltered, has wrought a force 5 sea with a violent south-west wind with gusts that reached 50 knots. On this horde night, the ship Margaret – a Georgian cement of 84 meters in length – left from Genoa to reach the…

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Gulf of Poets La Spezia La Spezia local insider Lerici Tips

Do in La Spezia Cinque Terre & more: four good reasons to visit La Spezia area

What to visit La Spezia and surroundings? While once the Cinque Terre were enough, now with the biological district, historic Sarzana and the new course of La Spezia if you go away too quickly, you risk making a big mistake. Cinque Terre are a delight to visit them – at least once in a lifetime – and basically a must see. The risk, though, is that they end up being the only tourist attraction of the territory of La Spezia, which has rather a lot to offer. Who wants to…

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