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Torre Scola: almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by miracle

The fortification in front of Palmaria Island has a long story: built by the Genoese, almost destroyed by the British and saved from being demolished. Some italianize its name in “Torre Scuola” and some swear it was a prison, but the story of the Torre Scola is different and goes from the Republic of Genoa time, the Napoleonic time, the British domination: ask Mr. Ubaldo Mazzini. Torre Scola: Genoese defensive bastion With its standing out and powerful profile, the Scola Tower looks at the Palmaria island and is by now…

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Cinque Terre La Spezia local insider

Vernazza, the beach originated by the flood

The catastrophic rains of October 25, 2011 have not left only mud and destruction, but also a large new beach. October 25, 2011 is a day that in Vernazza – as in all of the Vara Valley and the entire Val di Magra and in La Spezia – no one will forget: six hours of heavy rain poured over half a meter of water on the ground; in the area of La Spezia, the rivers Magra and Vara overflew and many towns were put in danger by a tragic flood…

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How to be fed in La Spezia: a short guide through La Spezia local cuisine

From fish to vegetables: quick tips to try the taste of La Spezia local cuisine “What should I eat tonight here?” The increased tourist interest on the territory of La Spezia has made this question more and more frequent. Faced with the questions of tourists (asking questions like: “What can we eat? What are the local dishes?” ), the poor local inhabitant often gropes and does not know what to say. This is because they wonder weather the non-local will understand the simple, yet so tasteful local cuisine. Leaving aside…

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Cinque Terre La Spezia local insider Tips

Volastra, the Saracens and the mystery bells

Between Manarola and Volastra a common history of pirates and treasures. A magical path, between vines, olive trees and nativity scenes tells all this corner of Liguria High and sunny, situated on a promontory on which the sun never seems to set, Volastra enjoys the view of the sea and of the plateaus planted with vines and olive trees. The town is strongly linked to Manarola, both in history and in legends. Its ancient name was Oleastra and its inhabitants – skilled merchants of what could be drawn from the…

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Telemaco Signorini, the Macchiaioli painting art and the Riomaggiore skirts.

Around mid-nineteenth century, Riomaggiore became a refuge and inspiration for one of the founders of the Macchiaioli art school. Between the Gulf of Poets and Riomaggiore there are only 10 minutes away by train, through a gallery. There is no difference between the two, however, in the ability of the landscape to impress and stimulate the artistic sensibility. If along the coasts of the Gulf many great writers and poets have stayed, the first village of the Cinque Terre is a major center for the world of painting . Riomaggiore…

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The Garibaldi Statue, two days of celebrations

A party like the that one can not forget. And I actually remember well, even if many years have passed since 1913, now. The inauguration of the monument to Garibaldi was scheduled for Sunday, June 1, but already on Saturday the city was full of Garibaldi partisans everywhere. It seemed that the world suddenly had decided to visit La Spezia. “A train arriving from Parma!”, “Here’s one from Pisa!” And then Bologna, Genoa, Turin: at the station trains kept coming. So go on, blowing in the brass instruments and –…

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The yummiest street food: the Farinata legend

In all Italy, it is very common to get yummy pizza both in pizzeria restaurant and as street fod, in a paperbag. In La Spezia, as in many Ligurian city, there is no pizza paperbag without a slice of Farinata. To be exact, you can get Farinata also in other places, especially in northern Tuscany and in Piemonte, all the way up to Turin and France. But as La Spezia people, we like thinking that Farinata, called here fainà, is all ours. If you walk around La Spezia street, you…

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