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Did the Pitei monster ever exist? Truth and legend revealed

“Who are you?” “’The Pitei Monster!”. In this local rhyming doggerel is all we know about the popular  legendary character of the Pitelli Monster. Truth or legend? In La Spezia and surroundings, there are at least two characters that everyone knows: Strina and “The Monster from Pitelli”....


The golden butterfly of Monti San Lorenzo: Prehistoric mystery in Lerici

In Monti San Lorenzo prehistoric site, every year a megalithic stones group offers the magic of a light throttle at sunsetting. A story that comes from prehistoric times. Important traces of ancient and mysterious civilizations are present in La Spezia and one of their most...


The cove of Lerici and the Fossola church: two secrets places in La Spezia even for locals

The Cove of Lerici and the Church of the Guardian Angels in Fossola: dream places, often unknown even to locals. The Gulf of Poets and the La Spezia area have many wonderful corners. Some are well known and popular, others are almost ignored by the...