The Cinque Terre area

A varied region, with countless natural, artistic and cultural treasures, spend time in the whole area to catch the somewhat hidden identity of its colorful villages and its traditions.

The Cinque Terre is known around the world and visited every year by an increasingly high flow of tourists, who flock from the trains in the small streets of its villages perched on the mountains and overlooking the sea. But the Cinque Terre area is not only made by the coast, the so ancient villages take their origin in the hinterland and its peasant culture, the one of the Val di Vara, and even further up to the culture of the Lunigiana. It is the historical area that in most ancient times was dominated by the Ligurian and Apuan Celts.

The most typical features of the five villages can be found throughout the whole marine area, extending to the Gulf of La Spezia, (the Gulf of the Poets), with the enchanting Lerici and Portovenere, while its small archipelago with the largest island of Liguria hides the surprise of pristine and fierce nature and ancient history.

The Cinque Terre villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

The bay of La Spezia, Portovenere and Lerici at its edges. .

The green lung of the Cinque Terre area and the first organic district in Europe.

Ancient castles and abbeys, mysterious traditions while getting closer to Tuscany.

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Walk in the most typical Cinque Terre setting, from Manarola to Volastra

Walk in the most typical Cinque Terre setting, from Manarola to Volastra

January 20, 2021 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Experiences

If you want to know what to do in the Cinque Terre, outdoor is definitely one main highlights of the area. Fantastic views while trekking on the mountains over the sea, along with a great sea to enjoy by boat, diving activities, kayaking. The Cinque Terre wine tastings let you enjoy the flavors of the unique nectare made with the unique vines of the Cinque Terre, hangin over the sea.

Most Booked Experiences

Top 3 in the Cinque Terre area

The Cinque Terre area in 6 points


Visit Colourful and Quaint Fishing Villages

Unique, simple exclusiveness of the “famous” Cinque Terre Villages.


Exciting Treks all year round

A unique net of trekking trails, for all tastes and levels. Just check in advance for any planned maintenance.


Explore La Spezia and its new beauty

Visit a city with a newly rediscovered identity. La Spezia is a lot more than just a gate to the Cinque Terre.


Dive inCrystal Blue Sea

Don’t miss a boat or kayak tour in the Cinque Terre area, for a privileged point of view.


Try Genuine and rich flavors

The local cuisine is simple but tasty, with both seafood and inland dishes. Tasting is a must!


Explore Historic and organic Valleys

Local culture is to be found in the inland, with the Lunigiana Castles and the biodistrict.

Useful Information

How to travel around the Cinque Terre

  • Following the arch of the Gulf of Poets coastline, from Portovenere to Lerici, it is possible to travel by car or bus.
  • To visit the villages of the Cinque Terre it is recommended to take the ferry or train.
  • The train is the best way to visit the villages beyond the Cinque Terre.
  • Travelling by bicycle is an option for trained cyclists: there are many hills and climbs can be strenuous, especially in summer.
  • To visit the Val di Vara and the hinterland it is convenient to travel by car.

Where to park your car

To park your car mind the colored lines on the ground:
  • white lines: free parking;
  • blue lines: toll parking, free after 8pm until 8am and on Sundays and public holidays;
  • yellow lines: do not park.
There are three parking lots in La Spezia city centre:
  • covered parking in Piazza Europa;
  • uncovered parking at the Porto Mirabello;
  • Piazza D’Armi outdoor parking lot.

Where to get the Cinque Terre train tickets:

  • at the La Spezia central station ticket office;
  • at bars, newsstands (for regional routes);
  • at the ticket office of La Spezia central station and of La Spezia Migliarina Station.
  • Keep in mind that, after having purchased it, the ticket must be stamped at the ticket validation machine.
  • To combine a visit to the Cinque Terre villages by train and Trekking in the Cinque Terre Park, the ideal choice is to buy the Cinque Terre Card.

Where to buy bus tickets:

  • ATC office in Piazza Chiodo;
  • newsstands;
  • using the ATC mobile app.