The Cinque Terre villages

5 little points on the map, a unique area, that has been featured on the covers of travel magazines around the world, thanks to the simpleness of its fishing villages and its true colours. ​

A common mistake is to consider the Cinque Terre as a single place, rather than an area. There is no such thing as a train ticket to the “Cinque Terre”, as the name actually means “Five territories”, namely the five hamlets of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, which look almost suspended along the rocky coast between La Spezia and Framura.

The fascinating surrounding nature of the Cinque Terre Villages is a seamless dialogue between sea and land, along the coast enclosed by the two promontories of Punta Mesco and Muzzerone. Spurs of stone, coves and bays, ravines and the five colorful villages counterpoint the view of the Cinque Terre coastline from the sea.

Cinque Terre villages in 6 Points


Via dell'Amore

The Via dell’Amore, connecting Riomaggiore to Manarola, is closed  but there are many alternative romantic routes.


Trek from one village to the other

Trekking the paths connecting the villages with each other is great, note that you need to pay  a ticket for some trails. 


The Sea Trail

You can swim from Vernazza to Monterosso on the Sea Trail, a stretch protected from the boats to swim carefree in the open sea.


Avoid the Crowd

Manarola, Vernazza and Riomaggiore can be crowded from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit at other times or at night to escape the crowds.


A National Natural Park

The five villages are part of a National Park, with rules to respect on land and in the sea.


More to see

The Cinque Terre Villages are not the only ones worth a visit in the Cinque Terre Park: explore beyond the kingdom’s borders.

Useful Information

How to visit the villages

  • By car, the roads to reach Cinque Terre are mostly narrow. There aren’t many places to park and it can be a good idea to reach the villages by other means.
  • By train, every village in the Cinque Terre has a train station. Check the Cinque Terre Card, with benefits also for those who love trekking.
  • By ferry, you can reach Cinque Terre during the summer. To get to Cinque Terre, please visit our ferry schedule. There are numerous marinas for private pleasure boating.
  • We recommend e-assisted bikes to ride the CInque Terre routes: view our bike guided tours.

Advice to visit Cinque Terre

The best advice to visit the Cinque Terre area is to pick one of the five villages to get off the train or boat and travel to one or more others, according to the time that you have available. In high season, the visit can be spoiled by the presence of too many visitors, while the most important thing in the Cinque Terre is in fact to get the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, hike the nice paths in the silence of nature, discover the enchanting sea view, rather than run from one village to the other. At La Spezia railway station and in all villages you can pick one or two of the stations and buy a single ticket to get there (about 7,50€ return ticket to reach the furthest village). If you prefer to visit the whole area you can get a Cinque Terre Park ticket. Make sure to buy the “Cinque terre Train Card” and not just the basic Cinque Terre Card, which only allows you to walk on the paths of the Cinque Terre Park and not to hop on and off the train.

The Cinque Terre Beaches: just like heaven

THE BEACHES OF LA SPEZIA: A Do In Italy guide for you!

The beaches of the Cinque Terre area offer a lot more than just views of the villages and their marinas: hidden coves, crystal blue, semi-submerged grottoes, natural gems to be discovered with respect and patience. One hundred pages of guide about the Cinque Terre’s beaches and about the Gulf of the Poets, nearby La Spezia, with descriptions, instructions on how reaching the shores, and GPS coordinates for those who travel by boat!



Riomaggiore, the “first” village, surrounded by Sciacchetra wineyards.



Where locals build for the community and you smile even at the cemetery.



High on the hills, a stairway to heaven.



The perfect postcard, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.



The biggest of the Cinque Terre villages, a welcoming beach.

Not to miss in the Cinque Villages

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