Gulf of the Poets

Villages and hills have gathered around the bay of La Spezia to admire its evocative beauty, a harmonious mix of nature and architecture perfectly blended in the long stretch of coast that runs between the two ends of Portovenere and Lerici. Set up by Napoleon and then chosen by Cavour as a military base for the perfect conformation of a well-defended natural harbor, cruise ships, military ships (for those who are lucky also the beautiful Vespucci sailing ship), commercial, commercial, and a myriad of boats from all over the world, which stop in the Gulf to admire so much beauty.

La Spezia Bay is better known as the Gulf of Poets. This is because many poets have praised its beauty over time, and have chosen its shores as a home, at least temporarily, since ancient times. During the Roman Empire, once this territory was conquered by the Ligurians, the “funds” were donated to nobles and personalities of the Empire. The poet Aulus Persio Flacco, for example, came to live here, probably in one of the many Roman villas of which traces remain throughout the area. But it was certainly the romantic poets who, stopping here with their Grand Tour, stopped to look for inspiration, in particular in Portovenere and Lerici

The Gulf of Poets is certainly the increasingly frequent choice of those visiting the nearby Cinque Terre and extends and enriches their stay in eastern Liguria to enjoy the breathtaking views that can be admired from Portovenere, Lerici, and from the hills that frame the bay. , such as Muzzerone, and Montemarcello, just to name a few.
Tours by boat, canoe, the many outdoor activities offered on the shores of the Gulf are the best way to experience the area.

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  • The first week of August, the Palio del Golfo takes place every year in La Spezia, a historical rowing competition in which the villages of the Gulf of poets compete on the characteristic goiters.
  • Like three ellipsis, the Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto islands close the Gulf of Poets to the northwest and form the archipelago of Porotovenere

Le spiagge della Spezia

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Guida alle Cinque Terre al Golfo dei Poeti

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