the Vara Valley

The inland of the Cinque Terre Villages and their cultural background, to be visited to understand its diversified nature, long history and unique flavors.​

The Val di Vara is the largest and least populated territory of the Cinque Terre area, and offers a unique historical background. Its strategic importance is evident, and it is from the Val di Vara than many artisanal and craftmanship activities spread. A real landmark in northern Italy.

With a low density of human settlement and large spots of unspoilt nature, today the Vara Valley winds along the Vara River, on the banks of which stand ancient castles and villages, in a territory which in the Middle Ages was often disputed between Genoan wealthy families and Florence and Tuscany feuds for the control of important routes and trading centers.

Val di Vara Trekking

Val di Vara Trekking

21 February 2021 Val di Vara

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Vara Valley in 6 points


Find the Cinque Terre History​

Visit its ancient villages to know more about history and art of the whole Cinque Terre area.


Genuine Food

Cheese, ham, honey, bread, sausages, potatoes, jams, are just some of the local delicacies.


Trek the Mountains to the sea​

Walk the “Bardelloni”, the ancient suggestive mule tracks from the mountains to the sea.


Find the Cinque Terre History​

Brugnato is the Capital of the first European Bio District, for the sustainable management of local resources.


Genuine Food

There are a few perfect spots along the River for a refreshing swim


Trek the Mountains to the sea​

If you like shopping, enjoy the great designers shops and offers of the Cinque Terre Outlet Mall in Brugnato.

Useful Information

How to travel the area

  • There are no railways in the Vara Valley, you can reach the many villages only by bus or by car, and with our transfer service.
  • The highway crosses the Valley from La Spezia, the exit to get to the Valley is in Brugnato.
  • From La Spezia, it is also possible to drive the Aurelia road, crossing the valley. It takes longer, but you can enjoy the view of the green valley and the many villages.