DoInItaly Is

DoInItaly is

The most complete online portal on La Spezia, the Cinque Terre and the valleys of the Magra and the Vara, which tells the stories, the products, the itineraries and the best experiences offered by those who live in the area to visitors.

DoInItaly offers

The best communication, training, and assistance services for travel and craft activities in the territory of La Spezia: to promote and improve the visibility of your brand on and off-line.

A DoInItaly lavorano:

Giulia Arrabito

A passionate traveler, Giulia has developed the idea of DoInItaly during her travels around the world. She deals with public relations, the creation of marketing plans, contracts, participation in public competitions and the administration of DoInItaly.

Letizia Bordoni

Webmaster, graphic designer and producer, Letizia is a real volcano of ideas and realization skills. A lover of nature and fantasy, she knows the territory for having traveled it far and wide and knows how to imagine endless possibilities to live it to the fullest.

Teresa Turano

Today mother, with an international work experience aimed at optimizing visibility, Teresa knows how to take care of the communication of places and people. For DoInItaly, she deals with writing, web indexing, translations and management of social media.

DoInItaly is located here:


Via Rattazzi, 32 19121 La Spezia