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Fall foliage in Italy: a warm embrace in the vineyard. 3 ideas to enjoy colors and wine

There is no such thing as fall foliage forecast in Italy, as it is not as known as it is in other countries of the world. But a nice foliage takes place in the vineyards, where autumn colors hold you in a warm embrace in the first cold days of the year.

Only one month ago, vineyards in Italy were carrying heavy bunches of round grapes, yellow or purple according to their vines.

Today, delivered of their fruits, they are not yet naked, as their leaves are mostly all still there, only turned their colors from green into warm nuances of yellows, reds, browns. And specially from a certain distance, they design stunning views, that can be admired for hours, until the sunset adds up some gold to the picture.

While lingering in this warm embrace It is strongly recommended to grab a nice glass of wine, possibly of the “vino Novello“, the new wine which has just been made with the very same vines of your landscape.

This show takes place in the many locations with vineyards in the Italian countryside. There are of course some places and vines worth an afternoon stop. And in each place, of course, there is a special food to try along with all this.

Fall foliage in Chianti, Tuscany: noble wines and culture.

Fall foliage in Italy, vineyards of Chianti – Ph.

In Tuscany, in that beautiful initial stretch of the valleys of the Arbia and the Pesa rivers is regione of the “Chianti Classico” vine, the Sangiovese. Between Radda and Gaiole in Chianti, in the area of Siena, several cultural attractions, like the archeological site dating back to 200 b.C., or the mighty walls of Radda. Fall foliage attracts every year tourists from all over the world to these places.
Countless the food specialties to try along with a nice glass of Chianti Classico: the Finocchiona ham and the Lard and, of course, the local Pecorino cheese.

In the sweet hills of Langhe, on the Romantic Itinerary

The colors of the Langhe vineyards, ph.

The Romantic Road is the perfect itinerary to enjoy one of the most exciting fall vineyard foliage: about 90 miles and 11 stages crossing Le Langhe region.  We are n the Piedmont region around the town of Alba, with hills and vineyards alternating with castles and historic villages and, above all, the land of the Barolo and Barcaresco wine production.
It is mandatory to visit one of the local cellars, you can’t be wrong here, as beside serving Italian wine stars, they are also beautiful.
Typical products are truffles, cured meats, cheeses. The famous white truffle of Alba, is celebrated with the International White Truffle Alba Fair, usually held in October and Novembere.

3 – Fall foliage in the Umbria vineyards in a photo contest

The Strada del Sagrantino is an itinerary crossing central Italy’s Umbria region, near Perugia. It is the area of the best Sagrantino grape variety, which reflects in its autumn colors an extraordinary combination of factors such as the rich territory, the climate and the care of Umbrian winemakers making the unique Sagrantino flavor.

The photographic challenge ‘Autumn colors, the foliage of the Sagrantino vine’ takes place in November and December and is dedicated to the landscapes designed by the presence of the prized native vine.

Between a snap and a glass of Sagrantino, inevitable is the tasting of ham or mortadella from Norcia, but also coral salami, capocollo, Guanciale or Barbozzo … the list has no end!

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