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Frecce Tricolore 2 June 2020, the embrace of the flag

On the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, the legendary Frecce Tricolore will fly over the Italian regional capitals with their spectacular crossing in white, red green of the sky. A wish, a message of solidarity and an ideal embrace in the flag by the National Acrobatic Patrol.

Between the 25th and 29th of May 2020 Florence, Genoa, Perugia, L’Aquila, Naples, Cagliari and Palermo and 14 other Italian cities will be joined by the program of spectacular crossings scheduled to celebrate the Republic Day on its 74th anniversary. Significant performances have also been added in Codogno, the first epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, and Loreto, where the famous sanctuary of the Madonna protector of the Italian Air Force is located.

It is important to remember that gatherings to admire the evolution of the “Frecce” must be avoided: their admirable flight over the rest can be seen from all over the city!

Le frecce tricolore sul cielo di Torino

What are the frecce Tricolore?

A true institution, a national symbol of Italy, officially known as the 313th Acrobatic Training Group, National Acrobatic Patrol (PAN) is the “flock” of acrobatic demonstration by the Italian Air Force. The Frecce Tricolore (the three-colored Arrows) Based in the Rivolto air base, in the province of Udine, it was established on March 1, 1961 as a permanent group for the training of Air Force pilots in aerobatics.

They are known for their extraordinary performances in the skies of Italy in particular national celebrations, with extremely complex and spectacular figures, which since the 80s of the last century also include the emission of colored trails to emphasize the scenographic effect.

Only the best aviators of Italian Aeronautics are selected to be part of the Frecce, those who have experience of more than 1000 flight hours and pass the gradual insertion training in the flock can be permanently part of it.

“The Bomb” by the Frecce Tricolore

Although on the occasion of the performances of the Frecce Tricolore for 2 June 2020 we will witness “only” the crossing that symbolically unites all of Italy, the aeronautical group is famous all over the world for the execution of some truly breathtaking figures in the sky, including “La Bomba”, the bomb, which concludes many of their performances. The figure was invented from the very first aerobatic group formation, its first execution dates back to 8 June 1930 during the “Wing Day”, an aerobatic aeronautics event that at the time futuristically celebrated the art of war in the air, and with the new powerful roar of the engines exalted the myth of the machine.
Today the aerial evolution is still very similar to the original, and consists of a dive flight in different directions of the aircraft which only at the last moment, just before touching the ground, return to altitude.

The Frecce Tricolore perform in a “Bomb” – ph.

The Frecce Tricolore 2020: the Tour program

Monday 25 May 2020
morning: Trento (Piazza Duomo area at 10.00, coming from south south-east)
Codogno (Piazza XX Settembre area, 10.15 am, from south south-east)
Milan (Piazza Duomo area, around 10.30 – 11.00, coming from the east, behind the Cathedral)
Turin (Piazza Vittorio area at 3.00 pm, north-west origin along via PO)
Aosta (Piazza Emile Chanoux area 3.15pm – 3.30pm, with south-west origin)

Tuesday 26 May
Genoa (Aquarium area, coming from east south east, around 10 am)
Florence (central area, time of the passage of the tricolor arrows: about 10.40)
Perugia (Corso Vannucci area between 15.00 and 15.40 approximately)
L’Aquila (city center area, between 15.45 and 16.00 approximately)

Wednesday 27 May 2020
morning: Cagliari (indicative time 10.30 – 12.40)
afternoon: Palermo (about 2.30pm – 3.30pm)

Thursday 28 May 2020

Friday May 29, 2020
Sanctuary of Loreto – Ancona (between 9.00 am and 11.40 am)


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