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Guide to the Italian Virtual Museums Part #1: Classic Art and Ancient History

The Coronavirus keeps us at home, but who says from here you can’t dream? And what could be better than art to live the greatest dream, the one of absolute beauty?

Here is a Mini-guide on Museums, Galleries and Foundations that, using Social Media and 3D sites, allow you to virtually visit stable and temporary exhibitions.

From Rome to Florence, Venice, Turin, Milan, passing through Pompeii and the hometown of Canova: let’s start with classical art and ancient history.

#italylockdown e #iorestoacasa sono tra gli hashtag più diffusi ed utilizzati dell’ultimo mese.
Not to downplay the emergency that the world is experiencing, it is still true that observing a glass that is half empty, it can always be considered half full … and it is following this view that we have chosen to spend this forced stay at home to read, deepen issues often overlooked, spend time in activities often left behind, discover and rediscover the beauty of the Bel Paese, Italy.

Here is what we offer here: a selection of the many Italian museums that can be visited online, comfortably seated in an armchair, virtually sharing the visit with those you want!

Some museums have always been “virtualized”, others have activated dynamic, creative and intelligent initiatives, using social media and advanced technology only recently by responding to the present coronavirus emergency, but, in any case, the projects are all absolutely worth a visit.

Questa mini-guida elenca Musei, Gallerie, Fondazioni e contenuti dell’arte classica e della storia antica.
Se preferisci l’arte contemporanea, a breve uscirà un articolo dedicato.

Get infected by the Italian beauty!

A smartphone or tablet is enough to immerse yourself, and find yourself catapulted into prestigious rooms accompanied by important ciceroni.
You can wander carefree between Florence, Rome, Turin, Venice and Milan … passing through Pompeii and meeting the art of Canova.


The Musei Civici di Roma have created a series of virtual tours (until March 22) with which you can explore the museums and the great masterpieces they hold, deepening the collections preserved.
The visitor has freedom of choice, passing from the Capitoline Museums, to the Markets of Trajan – Museum of the Imperial Forums, from the Ara Pacis Museum, to the Napoleonic Museum, to the Casino Nobile of the Museums of Villa Torlonia.
Both in Italian and English.

“Horatii and Curiazi” hall – Photo from Wikipedia

Possiamo scoprire e assaporare i musei capitolini anche godendoci un video che ci porta per mano a passeggio per Roma.
Iniziativa in lingua italiana.

Moving on to the current exhibitions, some will use six Social Media to reach us: in particularCanova. Eterna bellezza”  and “C’era una volta Sergio Leone , the works, with themes, artists and contexts of reference will be presented, illustrated and told through posts.
Only in Italian.


It is possible to walk comfortably through Rome, discovering its splendid monuments thanks to the Google Cultural Institute and the information contained on the Superintendency website.
Both Italian and English.

Rome – Photo from Pixabay


The National Galleries of Ancient Art at Palazzo Barberini offer appointments and content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@barberinicorsini), narrating the history of the museum and exhibitions.
Only in Italian.

A room of the Barberini Corsini Galleries – Facebook @barberinicorsini


The Scuderie del Quirinale, for years the center of mainly classical Italian art exhibitions, offer streaming video content and insights on social channels. In particular, while finding the collection of previous exhibitions on the site, they present the current exhibition Raffaello 1520-1483”.

Façade of the Quirinale Stables – Facebook @scuderiequirinale

With the hashtag #RaffaelloOltreLaMostra it is possible to listen to the story of the exhibition curators as well as important scholars who, through video pills, will deepen the works and the great themes related to the art of Raphael. With #RaffaelloInMostra, the video-walks will continue in the rooms, enriched with details and curiosities about the works, and forays into the backstage, with the story of the exhibition set-up which boasts masterpieces from the collections of the most important museums in the world, for a total of 204 works, 120 by Raphael himself between paintings and drawings.
Only in Italian.


On the Official Website of the Uffixi Gallery, it is possible to discover some exhibited masterpieces and their history, virtually surfing the suggestive ideas and the high definition images.

Instagram page @uffizigalleries

With the initiative Uffizi Decameron, every day on the Uffizi Instagram and Twitter profiles (@uffizigalleries) will be published photos, videos and stories of the  masterpieces kept in the Gallery of Statues and Paintings, in Palazzo Pitti e nel Giardino di Boboli. A social media campaign promoted ad hoc to cheer the home stop imposed, and sharing the spirit of the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt: “we avoid any contagion, except that of beauty!”.
Both in English and Italian.


MUS.E continues to enhance the artistic heritage of Florence, thanks to content shared on Facebook, Instagram (@musefirenze) and YouTube. The protagonists of the guided tours told by historical figures are the various Florentine Civic Museums: Palazzo Vecchio and the Museo del Novecento, the MAD -Murate Art District- and Palazzo Medici Ricciardi, the Bardini Museum and Santa Maria Novella.

Florence – Photo from Pixabay

The Museo del Novecento also displays, under the guidance of the curator Sergio Risaliti, the temporary exhibition “#MyAllanKaprow”.
Both in English and Italian.


The Egyptian Museum of Turin offers the Director’s walks, videos that will lead the public to the heart of the museum alongside the director Christian Greco. Until recently, these visits took place once a month for a small group of 30 people and each time, the director, chose different themes for further study.
Only in Italian.

Egyptian statues – Photo from Wikipedia


The eleven extraordinary Venetian Museums belonging to the MUVE Foundation, with a remarkable heritage of works, drawings, sculptures, furnishings are online by proposing through the social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, a daily newsletter, scientific bulletins, an online catalog of the collections and a partnership on the Google Arts & Culture channel. This is the link of the Museum’s Youtube Channel.
Only in Italian.

Glimpse of Venice – Photo from Pixabay

ANTONIO canova’s gipsothèque and museum, POSSAGNO

In Possagno, the birthplace of Canova, Italian master of Neoclassicismthe doors of the Gipsoteca and the museum are virtually open, with virtual tours that allow remote 3D visits.

Ecuba (1787-1792) – Photo from Wikipedia

E’ anche possibile conoscere da vicino l’intera vicenda umana e artistica di Canova, attraverso gli approfondimenti dedicati e pubblicati ogni settimana sul blog del museo : una narrazione sulla sua tecnica artistica, sulla vita dello scultore e molto altro.
Iniziativa sia in lingua italiana che inglese.

Infine grazie al Google Cultural Institute, si può scoprire l’Ala Scarpa del Museo, il rapporto di Canova con la danza e Le Grazie, una tra le più celebri opere dell’artista.
Iniziativa sia in lingua italiana che inglese.


With a beautiful video you can discover walking through the ruins of Pompeii imagining the majestic city of the past. Multimedia Archeo3D Production

The archaeological site of Pompeii regularly uploads videos to its Youtube channel where you can find curiosities about the site itself, virtual reconstructions of life in the city and the behind the scenes of ongoing research and restoration.
Only in Italian.


The Castello Sforzesco in Milan can be visited virtually in its secret paths, to discover the masterpieces of the civic collections preserved in its rooms, thanks to a collaborative project between Google and the Castle Museums.

Sforzesco Castle – Photo from Pixabay

With Google Arts & Culture it is also possible to investigate 8 elements preserved in the Castle, including the Pietà Rondanini.
Both in English and Italian.


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