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Guvano beach, the myth of the naturist beach in Corniglia

Today difficult to reach and threatened by landslide risk, between naturism and legend, the Guvano beach is in the Cinque Terre History

Looking for a beach in the Cinque Terre in the area of La Spezia, sooner or later you hear about the Guvano beach (do not believe those who say that the area does not offer anything, there are beaches both int the Cinque Terre is in the La Spezia area). Guvano is one of three beaches of Corniglia, it is a legendary local place in the imagination because it has behind it the story of the naturist beach. The other two beaches at Corniglia is the wide beach of Corniglia and the Corniglia marina (the first is in the vicinity of the station, the second in the village in the direction of Vernazza).

Guvano Beach, the magnificent 70ies, the hippies and the nudists

Anyone in the Cinque Terre area has a fantastic story to tell about the Guvano beach. No matter whether true or invented stories: everyone has an anecdote on this magnificent stretch of coastline.

All started in the 70s, when the wonderful Guvano became the gathering place of a cosmopolitan hippie community.
Just then was born the myth of Guvano Nudist beach: transformed into a kind of autonomous territory, thanks to its secluded nature, the enchanting bay conquered an irreplaceable place in the imaginary, made stronger by the curiosity aroused by naturism. To strengthen the image of “prohibited place” the voices of the cavalier use of LSD of the beach goers (ed. But in the seventies it was not so uncommon).

Beaten nudists

Among the many stories that are told about Guvano there is also that of an epic fistfight between the inhabitants of the Cinque Terre and the hippies. It is said, in fact, that one night the locals reached the beach fromthe sea. A German guy who slept in the camp on the beach, probably in the throes of the chemical euphoria, would exchange their land for the beginning of a war. What followed – according to rumors – would be excited minutes, even with shot of rowing.

Guvano today: beautiful and practically unreachable

The charm of Guvano, especially seen from the path number 2 that runs between Corniglia and Vernazza, is unchanged: a beautiful unspoiled beach of pebbles, lapped by turquoise water and surrounded by the most typical of the Mediterranean flora.
Only in Corniglia marina you can rent a canoa ad discover in few minutes this amazing place.

Despite what you read on the net, however, reaching it is not so easy, either using the shortest way or being prepared to trek for long.
The gallery that was part of the old course of the railway and that led from the village of Corniglia to Guvano a 15-minute journey in the dark, in fact, was closed on a order of the town of Vernazza becauseit was unsafe.
The same document also states clearly that the whole area is subject to the risk of landslides and how it should be avoided by stopping the whole area. Meanwhile, the situation of the street that leads from Corniglia-Vernazza trail Guvano (following the sign “craft” Free Beach, more or less half of the route) has worsened. The hour and a quarter walk required following this route, thus, has become particularly inaccessible.
Pending put everything back safely, Guvano awaits. So the legend already has a place.

La foto in copertina è di Elena Cirfino
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