International Beach Tennis in Lerici

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Walking these days in Lerici, along the beach of Venere Azzurra, you can enjoy a free and peaceful coastline: but soon here it will all be a slap of balls, and internationally!

That’s right: clean sand, of a color between the golden and the pure white, just furrowed by some sign of some kind of gimmick to smooth it out, the Venere Azzurra is a beach that really wants these days, especially if the sun you decide to go out. And in fact, there is no lack of the first fans of professional sunbathing, already stripped at the first heat and even a little burned already.

La spiaggia della Venere Azzura, ancora tranquilla in questi giorni

The Venere Azzurra Beach, still quiet these days

But soon the tanners will have to leave the place to just as professional acrobatics and dives on the sand, because the Venere Azzurra from 10th to 12th May will be one of the stages of the international Beach Tennis circuit. For the uninitiated, in fact, the famous “paddle balls” that not everyone really loves are a real competitive specialty, with its own international tournament. And this year, the circuit will pass right by our “Venus” after the stops in Rio de Janeiro and Caracas, simultaneously with the Canaries, to select the teams that will continue in Brighton and then Athens.

The event, as well as by the Municipality of Lerici and Port Authority, is sponsored by Il porto dei Piccoli, a non-profit organization that deals with activities for children in the hospital and their families that bring them closer to the culture of the sea, the port and the nature, through a path of play and knowledge guided by operators and volunteers, formed with the aim of distracting them from illness, creating opportunities for socialization and learning for them.

The fields of eighteen meters for six are quite similar to the beach volleyball ones, but with the net at a height of 1.70 meters, will be set up thanks to the collaboration of private beach resorts, while for other international camps, where this specialty has been played for some time, the structures are more stable. Who knows, maybe Lerici enjoys this happening and decides to dedicate some of its beaches to this sport to continue to attract international attention.

 The tournament will see alternating matches between men’s and women’s doubles. The rules are very similar to beach volleyball, but with only one bar available, with no corner requirements to serve. The ball runs very fast between one side and the other of the field, and the range of athletic gestures on the sand is guaranteed. The winners of the league stage, in addition to the 3000 dollars of the tournament, a work by a local artist.

During the three days, there will be a street art festival and a flea market, as well as a beach party on Saturday night.

Beach Tennis in Brighton. Ph.


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