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After a few years since a devastating flood destroyed the Cinque Terre Via Dell’Amore, it’s still complicated, like it happens in romantic relationships.

The signs announcing its presence can mislead, letting you hope the Cinque Terre Via dell’Amore is open again, while as for today it has not been re-opened.

The Cinque Terre Via dell’Amore, inspiring route not just for lovers – Ph. Commons Wikimedia

For the moment, a competition notice for the reconstruction of  the world-famous route dedicated to love and romantic views that runs for less than a mile between the Riomaggiore and Manarola villages in the Cinque Terre Natural Park, was approved. The works will start in the first months of 2019.
So, unfortunately it is still not possible to walk the Unesco heritage trail, which has been closed since 2012, when some rocks fell from the side and a few tourists were injured. The partial reopening of the stretch next to Manarola took place in 2015.
The reconstruction scenarios suggest an even more beautiful result, with a natural continuation all the way to Corniglia. So what we can do is looking forward to be walking on the new trail.

With stunning views, a unique scenario of cliffs and rocks dramatically overhanging on the sea, short tunnels and widenings to enjoy peaceful moments, the Cinque Terre Via dell’Amore was built almost accidentally

Apparently, the original Cinque Terre Via dell’Amore was built during the construction of the Cinque Terre railway, as a powder depot for the explosive material necessary to carry out the works. To connect the two stations’ construction sites located in Riomaggiore and Manarola to the deposit, two small paths in the rock were needed. When the railway was finished, people from Riomaggiore and Manarola finally had the chance to connect with each other: until then, in fact, they had been so close, yet far away, as the mountains between the two villages had always made every kind of communication very difficult.

The two paths were enlarged and connected to build what, for locals, represented “the new road”. The work was not easy, especially where the rock appeared straight and smooth, but laboriously the two paths were united, and the chance for romance immediately appeared clear to everyone. The Via dell’Amore became soon a romantic walk in a dramatic natural setting, first among locals and then tourists from all over the world.

If one path of Love is closed, many others open… 3 ideas for a romantic walk in the Cinque Terre area

While waiting for the Cinque Terre Via dell’Amore open again, you can definitely enjoy other romantic trails in the Cinque Terre, hand in hand with your significant other.

Cinque Terre and surroundings are still a romantic place even if the Via dell’Amore isn’t yet open. Couples in search of quiet and suggestive moments, maybe for a special occasion or anniversary, can find in the Cinque Terre area also other walking trails to enjoy intimate moments with each other.
Following, 3 ideas for easy walks in the area of Cinque Terre and Gulf of Poets which, as the Via dell’Amore do not request much effort and are going to leave an indelible memory in the hearts of lovers.

The Framura Walk, 800 meters surrounded by sea and magic

Framura is at the border of the “Kingdom”, actually already beyond the official territory of the Cinque Terre and therefore less known, but still absolutely beautiful, full of history and charm, and still set in the typical natural setting that characterizes the Cinque Terre. Since 2016, Framura has been enriched with the building of a beautiful walk overhanging the sea and joining two of the many fractions of the medieval village, the beaches of Torsei and La Vallà.

The romantic Sea Walk of Framura –

Get to Framura by train, possibly at evening, to be able to enjoy the sunset and a not too hot walk in the golden light. From the railway station, get to the walk starting point with a well-marked underpass. After a few ups and downs, the walk as well as presenting some beautiful views, also offers a small area of rest, with two benches. A little further, in the small square below the church, there is a source of water.

Once reached the other half of the village, in ancient times holiday resort for the richest Genoese families, you will be charmed by the aura of fallen nobility, still witnessed by the almost faded coats of arms, and Latin inscriptions still visible on many facades. From the railway station, you can reach the upper part of the village with a comfortable lift, and join the cycle and pedestrian route connecting Framura with Bonassola.

The Montemarcello Belvedere, the most stunning view of the Gulf of Poets

There are many spots to appreciate the view the magnificence of the Gulf of Poets, which already in its name evokes romance and beauty. One of the best and inclusive panoramic points is definitely at the end of a short walk from the quaint village of Montemarcello, high above the Caprione hill in the eastern side of the Gulf.

The village in itself offers some enchanting glimpses on the sea, surrounded by typical colorful houses, picturesque squares, and a friendly atmosphere. From the main square in the village you can easily reach the starting point of a short and silent brick road, which initially crosses the gardens of a few beautiful villas; in the shade and intense aromas of the vegetation: we find agaves, myrtle, wisteria, and jasmine. Then the walk is immersed among olive trees, Aleppo pines and Mediterranean scrub and finally opens up with a deep breath to one of the most suggestive views of the Mediterranean, we dare to state: the Montemarcello Belvedere.

 The Montemarcello Belvedere panoramic view – Ph.

In summer, reach the panoramic spot at sunset for the most romantic effect, with the sun going down right in front of you and behind the profile of the Gulf of Poets islands. Right under your feet, the Castle of Lerici imposes itself with its magnificent presence.

For the most sporty lovers who enjoy trekking: from the Muzzerone shelter to Portovenere

Portovenere cannot be described, it has to be seen in person. Beauty and romance are inspired by the uncountable views offered by the profile of the fishing village, its San Pietro’s Church, and islands. Portovenere is embedded in a unique mix of high mountains and shorelines. The short trekking we suggest to those who want to be inspired by the most evocative and romantic view of the Gulf is the last stretch of a longer trail, joining Riomaggiore and Portovenere in a more challenging, yet beautiful walk.

The view from the Muzzerone – Portovenere walk

Get by car to the Muzzerone refuge, taking its name from the shining white cliff wall overhanging on the sea. The Refuge is a little oasis of beauty giving shade and refreshments to trekking lovers. Sitting at the tables of the “Rifugio” the view on the Portovenere Castle and Saint Peter’s Church, as well as on the Palmaria and Tino Islands is almost perfect. And when you start your walk down to Portovenere, step by step you will have the chance to slowly embrace the poetry offered by the Gulf of Poets, the Byron Grotto, and the Cinque Terre coastline, understand the magnificence of its beauty together with your loved one.

Only problem be prepared for a steep way back.

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