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Le Rosse, Carabbean allure in the small beach of Albana

Difficult to reach on foot (and swimming), so popular among those who cruise around the Gulf by boat: le Rosse beach enchants swimmers and sailors. 

If you look at the coast of La Spezia from the panoramic terrace of San Pietro in Porto Venere or during a boat trip to the Cinque Terre, Le Rosse di Albana beach – with its characteristic red color (rosse in Italian)- can only steal your attention. Difficult to reach on foot and a real treasure for those who own the boat, Le Rosse are considered by many – thanks to the clarity of their waters and the special reflections designed by overhanging rocks – the best place to experience the sea in the Cinque Terre area ( especially far from the weekends and high season periods).

Le Rosse, with the Albana beach and the Galera rock

Reflections on fire due to the presence of fossils

It is in Albana – one of the localities that make up Tramonti – that the rock that overhangs the sea take on a red color.
Wonder at the sight, the extraordinary spectacle is made possible by the concentration of fossil ammonite inside the rocks. A colo game that stands out even more if seen throughout the entire coast, white in its majority and dark – almost black – at the height of Muzzerone (Le Nere, for the note).
Superb, under the cliffs that slope into the sea, the small beach of Albana is accessible only by swimmers (from the cliff you have access with a difficult path, absolutely not to face lightly).

The Rosse beach is appreciated by tourists and locals for the clarity of the water and for the extraordinary reflections that the stones draw in the sea – Ph. Michela Chinelli

Beautiful to behold, the reef is a precious nest for increasingly rare birds

The cliffs that from Porto Venere run to the Cinque Terre, passing from Le Nere to Le Rosse in the coast of Tramonti, are not only a sight for the eyes but also an important shelter for birds that are increasingly rare to see in our country.
The rugged nature of the cliff has made it possible to keep the rocks as a virtually untouched habitat and ideal refuge for the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), the Imperial Raven (Corvus corax), the Pale Swallow (Apus pallidus), the Solitary Sparrow (Monticola solitarius) and several others.

A view of the Scoglio Galera, a small island that emerges from the water a few dozen meters from the coast of the Red – Ph Andrea Vassallo

A view of the Scoglio Galera, a small island that emerges from the water a few dozen meters from the coast of the Red. Photo Andrea Vassallo


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