The path from Levanto to Monterosso, checking out Podere Lovara and Punta Mesco

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The Levanto Monterosso path is a beautiful path that offers some of the most beautiful views in the trekking in the Cinque Terre, passing through Podere Lovara, a recently restored abandoned farmhouse and Punta Mesco, with the ancient monastery of S. Antonio.

Beginning of the walk from Levanto to Monterosso in Cinque Terre

It is a stretch of the AVG5T path (ex n.1), a long path that crosses the Cinque Terre passing between the hills and the coast, and can be covered at one time or also in stages. The stage between Levanto and Monterosso is certainly one of the most spectacular, also because it offers a varied experience, made of hiking and discovering architectural beauties and life in the most authentic Cinque Terre. The walk takes about 2 and a half hours, less for more experienced hikers. The path is easy, even children can do it, but trekking shoes are always recommended. All seasons are good for this route, even in winter, but it is necessary to keep in mind that in summer it is better to avoid the hottest hours.

We recommend starting from Levanto, because from Monterosso the path is very steep at the beginning. From Levanto, we reach the waterfront on the left and look for a blue house, from there the walk to Monterosso starts with a nice climb between the last houses of Levanto and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, which you can smell along the whole route.
Already from the first stretch, climbing the hills behind Levanto among olive trees and pine trees, the view is truly breathtaking.

La vista che si apre nel primo tretto di sentiero Levanto Monterosso
The view of the first stretch of the path Levanto Monterosso

The trail quickly reaches its highest point and remains at altitude all the way to Punta Mesco, offering beautiful views of the sea and the Cinque Terre vegetation. The walk is easy and in many places is a typical mule track, lined with stone houses and their gardens.
From here you can enjoy the experience of a slow, relaxing and meditative walk that the Cinque Terre can offer, among the ancient houses, with the colors of strawberry tree and broom, the smell of thyme and wild fennel, depending on the period in which one chooses to walk.
Some points allow you to take a break and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

La vista sul mare che si apre sul sentiero Levanto Monterosso
The view on the sea opening from the Levanto – Monterosso path

After reaching the half of the walk, the Lovara Estate reveals itself to the eye, with its gardens: the perfect stop and the chance to discover a traditional Cinque Terre farm.

Podere Lovara sul sentiero Levanto Monterosso
Podere Lovara on the Levanto – Monterosso path

Here, both crops and livestock have been practiced for a long time in one of the most difficult rural conditions: steep mountains, distant roads, and poor water. Yet the “heroic culture” has achieved surprising results. Today, Podere Lovara has become a bio-dynamic workshop, with 45 hectares of land and rural buildings used for educational purposes. The buildings were recovered thanks to a twenty-year project managed by Fai (Italian Environmental Fund) and by the Zegna Foundation, which today allows hikers to use the farm as a pit stop: today it is also possible to stay here.

L'orto bio dinamico di Podere Lovara
The dynamic bio garden of Podere Lovara

After reaching Case Lovara, you are a short walk from Punta Mesco, the promontory that borders the Cinque Terre (Levanto is not technically in the Cinque Terre) and at the beginning of the descent towards Monterosso.

Il sentiero Levanto Monterosso al bivio per Punta Mesco
The Levanto Monterosso path at the junction for Punta Mesco

Before starting to descend to Monterosso, we suggest a short deviation for a look at the end of the promontory, which hides a surprise: the ancient monastery of S. Antonio al Mesco, consisting of a carefully crafted 11th-century building and another from the fifteenth century. Nearby are the ruins of the convent abandoned in 1610, when the monks moved to the new monastery of the Augustinian fathers in Levanto.

antico monastero di S. Antonio al Mesco
Ancient Monastery of S. Antonio al Mesco

From here, the Monterosso sea view is really beautiful.

La vista da Monterosso al Mesco
The view from Monterosso at Mesco

From Punta Mesco, the walk to Monterosso becomes very short and downhill, pleasant and relaxing, and brings back to reality in the lively Monterosso. The statue of the giant from Monterosso welcomes you to the village.

The Giant statue welcomes you to Monterosso
You are in the Cinque Terre Area
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