Wing Foil in Lerici

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Wing Foil is a sport that was born a few years ago. People who practice this sport are rapidly increasing because, in addition to being fun, it is also easy to learn.

This sport is characterized by the feeling of total freedom it offers. If in some ways it may seem similar to Windsurfing, with which it certainly has points of contact, it differs from them because in the Wing Foil the leading wing is released from the board and is maneuvered by the rider through a boom or handles.

The board includes a very generously sized foil (a fin that allows the board to rise from the surface of the water) which allows the rider to glide even with little wind.

1 Level: Wing surfing

You learn how to manage the wing: first on the beach and then in the water with a board without foil. Once you have become familiar with the wing, you move on to the maneuvers and the different gaits.

2 Level: Wing foil

You face the open sea with a board equipped with foil. Once you have experienced the novelty of the high performance of the fin, the first glides and the first flights on the foil will begin.


  • Price: 75€
  • Children: No reduction
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  • Difficulty Level
  • Included:
    all the necessary equipment is provided and included in the course price
  • Duration
    About 2 hours
  • Do not forget
    Alternative activities for small kids are available
  • Ticket
    Voucher printed or displayed on mobile
  • Languages
    Italian, English
  • Info COVID-19
    The activity takes place in the open air, with a limited possibility of infection.
    The number of visitors is limited to avoid gatherings.



  • Do in: March, April, June, July, August, September, October

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