The Apuan Alps and the Upper Tuscany Coast

The spectacular Apuan Mountains mark the northern part of the Tuscan Apennines, bounded north-west by the river Magra (Lunigiana), east by the river Serchio (in the province of Lucca) and south-west by the Apuan Riviera (Versilia).

Their white tops are not as high as the Alps, and they are not covered in snow but in white marble: here, the most valuable white marble in the world has been quarried since the ancient Roman Empire times. It was probably already used during the Copper Age to produce various decorative utensils and commemorative objects. This is why the these “Alps” owe their name to the Apui branch of the Ligurians, the indigenous population of the area.

Spectacular mountains, reminding visitors of the highest Italian Alps, lightened by their white marble tops, along with a suggestive coast, trendy beaches and fashionable towns.

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Apuan Alps and Upper Tuscany coast

Carrara Marble Quarries

Carrara Marble Quarries
Carrara and the marble quarries Apuan Alps Park Massa

Carrara and the marble quarries

The city of Carrara, its mountain background and its outlet to the sea, its marble culture, its Tuscan style.

Apuan Alps Park

Ancient marble quarries to visit, the same where Michelangelo would find the raw material for his artwork, and large green areas to be outdoor.


Massa and Forte dei Marmi, caskets in which to get lost among jewels of art and architecture.


A vivid city and its white marble background, with interesting ancient quarries.


A charming medieval city, with magnificent squares and stunning architecture.


Massa and the Malaspinian power, embodied by a magnificent fortress.


A tragic story in a beautiful village in the mountains, today the National Park of Peace.


Apuan Alps and the Upper Tuscany Coast
In Six Points


The Quarries

Colonnata, Arni and Fantiscritti are the most famous Carrara marble quarries, to explore art, spectacular nature and industrial history. 


Comfortable beaches

Well-equipped beaches for all tastes and all needs, ideal for both kids and comfort lovers, on the coast of Carrara, Massa, and Forte dei Marmi.  


The Colonnata Lard

A soft flesh, unmistakable perfume and white color, a millenary tradition for a unique product, to be enjoyed on warm bread. 


Fashionable City Centers

Shopping for the best Italian brands and top designers in Forte dei Marmi is a must, together with an aperitivo in one of its trendy bars. 


A global view

From Campo Cecina, above the quarries, discover an exclusive view over the sea and the mountains, from the Maritime Alps to the Versilia coast.


The Park of Peace

To remember one of the most tragic episodes of WWII in Europe, the killing of 560 people in Sant’Anna of Stazzema.

Useful Advice To Explore
Upper Tuscany

How to travel in Upper Tuscany

By Car

the A12 Motorway, from Genova to Rosignano, runs through Upper Tuscany. Most sea resorts can be reached by car. Travelling by car or motorbike to the mountains can be more difficult, as some of the roads are unpaved “white roads”.

By Train

The railway runs near the coast and then goes inland towards Lucca

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