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Work in Progress for the Nativity in Manarola 2017

Mario Andreoli and his staff are preparing to switch on the Nativity in Manarola 2017, designed by him and now famous all over the world.

Entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest illuminated nativity scene in the world, the lighting on the Hill of the Three Crosses of Manarola is now an unmissable event of Christmas in the Cinque Terre, which this year will illuminate the nights until January 31, 2018.

The whole village takes part in these days to the construction of this dream of light tenaciously desired and realized since 1961 by Mario Andreoli, who still today, 90, is the protagonist of the design and construction of the 250 figures in recycled material, of which lighting allowed by the 15.000 light bulbs and solar panels made available by the municipality of Manarola. The volunteers who are now part of the “Il Presepe di Mario" staff always refer to him to know how to build a piece, how to illuminate it to the best, where to place it. The silhouettes of shepherds and sheep, fishermen and fish that recall the life of the village, stand out on the hill called “delle tre croci" together with the hut that houses the Madonna, San Giuseppe and the baby, barely visible in their contours during the day and illuminated with a thousand colors starting from December 10th.

Mario Andreoli recalls the existence on the hill of an old cross in ancient times that his father had asked him to put back on its feet when he died. From this little work of recovery began the idea that today illuminates Christmas in the Cinque Terre.

Initially and for many years alone, but with a great passion to animate it even against the adversities that have arisen, today Mario sees his nativity scene recognized all over the world for its beauty, as well as for the record sizes, and for the message of hope that can instill in the hearts of believers and non-believers.

Program for the day of Sunday 10th of December 2017 in Manarola

Throughout the day, the Christmas Market will take place in Manarola, and the craft market will start at 3.30 pm

At about 2.30 pm: Arrival at the Railway Station of Manarola from Genoa of the special train organized by the Transport Department of the Liguria Region.
Puccini Filarmonica welcome  concert conducted by Maestro Gabriele Castellani, dedicated to the delegation of disabled people, carers and families organized by the Regional Council for the protection of the rights of the disabled person the Fa.Di.Vi and Oltre Association.

At 4.45 pm: Greetings from the Authorities together with Mr. Mario Andreoli, creator of the crib, and the local associations on the square of the Church of San Lorenzo
At 5 pm: Torchlight procession through the Nativity Scene on the Tre Croci Hill, organized by CAI La Spezia
At 17:30: Ignition Nativity on the Hill of the Three Crosses and Pyrotechnic Show

How to get to Manarola

The Cinque Terre Park does not recommend the use of the car
By train from La Spezia: all regional trains departing towards Genoa
By bus with Explora 5 Terre from the Sports Hall ofSpezia, via Riomaggiore: timetables and intermediate stops:

Info:. +039 3387 914250/+39 0187 920697

Shuttle service available from 16:30 to 19:00, from the Parking area in Zorza di Riomaggiore (SP370) to Manarola

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