Plan your Visit to Cinque Terre & La Spezia area

If you are planning to visit Cinque Terre and the whole area, here you can find useful information for your trip

Cinque Terre, that means five villages, are so famous that it become very difficult to feel the atmosphere of the small fishing villages they rapresents. Anyway the area is very beautiful and you can discover other small jewels overlooking the sea, like Portovenere and Tellaro.

The main city of the area is La Spezia, famous for its character of major harbor for the Italian Navy, above all in the past. Today you can visit a beautiful Naval Museum and see amazing fortresses.

Val di Vara is the first biological disctrict in Europe, with a low density of human settlement and large spots of unspoilt nature.

How to move into the area?

  • If you follow the arch of the coast line of the Gulf of Poets, from Portovenere to Lerici, you can move by car or by public buses.
  • To visit Cinque Terre the best way is by boat or by train.
  • The train is the best way to visit also the villages over the Cinque Terre
  • To visit the Val di Vara and the inland area you can move by car.

To buy train ticket:
-La Spezia central station for all destinations

To buy bus ticket:
-Bus office in Piazza Chiodo

To park the car you will find three different colour lines:
– white lines: you can park for free;
– blue lines: you can park and pay. It is free after 8pm untill 8am and all Sundays and holidays;
– yellow lines: you can not park.

There are two main parking areas in La Spezia city center:
– Piazza Europa park;
– Mirabello park.

Our Suggestions

  • Not to be missed to visit the coast and the wall area is by boat and by canoe to admire from the sea unique views of the coast and fishing villages overlooking the cliffs.
  • Not to be missed to go through the area is on foot, with the incredible trails full of panoramic view of the sea and from the hill.
  • Guided tours allow you to visit otherwise hidden ad less tourist places.
  • A eno-gastronomic tour to savor the culinary peculiarities of the area is a must, whether it is seafood or inland.
  • For the motorcyclists , the area lends itself to beautiful ring routes that lead from the sea to the mountains or vice versa.

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Public holidays

1 January: New Year’s Day
6 January: Epiphany
19 March in La Spezia city: Saint Joseph Fair
21 April 2019: Easter
22 April 2019: Easter Mondays or more commonly Pasquetta
25 April: Liberation Day, Liberation of Italy from Nazi Germany in 1945
1 May: International Workers’ Day
2 June: Republic Day, Birth of the Italian Republic in 1946
15 August: Assumption Day
1 November: All Saints’ Day
8 December: Immaculate Conception
25 December: Christmas Day
26 December: Saint Stephen’s Day

Utility Numbers

National emergency telephone number: 112

La Spezia
-Viale Amendola Giovanni 7.
-Via Foscolo Ugo 130

– Portovenere, Via G. Garibaldi 291

Cinque Terre e dintorni
– Monterosso Al Mare, Via Buranco 64
– Riomaggiore, Via A. De Gasperi 65
– Deiva Marina, Via G. Carducci 14
– Levanto, Corso Roma 41

La Spezia and surroundings
– Calice Al Cornoviglio, Vicolo Dei Castagni
– Castelnuovo Magra, Via Della Pace 54/B
– Ceparana, Vicolo Dei Castagni 8
– Ricco’ Delo Golfo, Via Aurelia 32/B
– Varese Ligure, Piazza Pieve 21
– Vezzano Ligure, Via V. Emanuele III 7
– Sesta Godano, Piazza G. Marconi 2

Lerici, Sarzana and surroundings
– Lerici, Via XX Settembre.
– S. Stefano Magra, Via Vincinella 5
– Sarzana, Via Emiliana 52
– Ameglia, Via Agostino Paci 8

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