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Sarzana Doc wine festival

Two days of wine in the streets of Sarzana DOC: 20 wineries showcasing their products. In the restaurants special menus for the occasion

Friday, June 24 and Saturday 25 will two days enogastronomy in Sarzana : the sixth edition of the Sarzana Doc Festival will take place in the streets of the city with the stands of over 20 Ligurian and La Spezia wine producers . You can stroll through the streets for many wine tastings, and then pick one of the restaurants offering Special menus including different local wine labels that take part in the exhibition.

Starting at 6pm of June 24: 20 wine tasting with a 15€ ticket

The event, organized by the consortium of CSSS shopkeepers under the patronage of the municipality and the support of the BCC, will start today ( Friday, June 24 at 6pm and go on on Saturday, June 25 .
Visitors can purchase a 15 euro card, which will entitle them for a glass (with a small shoulder case bag to carry it around) and 20 tastings .
In the city center there will be 10 tasting stations , among which people can wander around choosing which wine to taste.
 the map with the locations for Sarzana tasting Doc and partner restaurants the map with the locations for the Sarzana tasting Doc and partner restaurants [/ caption]

The restaurants will offer menu paired with wines

The taste fair also involves numerous Sarzana restaurants , which will offer over the two days of the event special menus inspired by the wines on display and each matched to a specific label .
The participating restaurants are:

  • Simon Boccanegra ( via Cattani )
  • La Cantina del Vescovo ( via Mazzini )
  • Osteria Moderna ( via Mazzini )
  • I Capitelli ( piazza Matteotti )
  • I Maestri ( piazza Matteotti)
  • La Bettola di Nonna Felicita ( via Gramsci )
  • Osteria del Monsignore ( via Bonaparte)
  • Marcomando ( via Bonaparte )
  • Il Loggiato ( Via Bonaparte )
  • Il Cantinone ( Via Fiasella)
  • Le Boucanier ( via Mascardi )
  • Taraballa ( via Rossi)
  • La Compagnia dei Balenieri (Via Rossi)
  • L’Albicocca ( via del Carmine )
  • La Mangiatoia ( via Del Carmine)
  • Osteria dei Sani ( via Torrione Testaforte)
  • Il DIvin Boccone (via Landinelli )
La foto in copertina è di Paolo Spetale
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