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Free beaches in La Spezia? 3 amazing, though challenging ideas

Tired of the expensive or not-so-free beaches? Here are three suggestions for those looking for a free beach in La Spezia (even if at the cost of a little work out)

We have already mentioned in the past a few places to escape the heath, now what about finding an actually free beach in summer around La Spezia?
If you don’t fancy lines of deckchairs waiting for you on the beach, and don’t want to be looking for a free tiny beach space from which the bathing attendant might kick you out at any time, we do have three ideas for you. Something that will make you finally say “finally a free beach in La Spezia!”.
Yet we must warn what locals know well: these three beaches are not at easy reach. Specially Persico and Canneto, even amazing, they do have walking stretches you need to be prepared for.


The staircase that leads to the Persico Beach
La scalinata che conduce alla Spiaggia del Persico

Grossi sassi bagnati da una mare azzurrissimo. Davanti agli occhi l’orizzonte aperto, alle spalle la roccia della montagna. Nessun bagnino e sfido chiunque a piazzarci uno stabilimento: punta Persico è così, orgogliosamente bella, assolutamente libera e selvaggia.
Big stones wet a blue sea. In front of you the sky touching the sea is the limit, behind, the rocky mountain. No lifeguard and you can bet noone will set up a private bathing are here. Persico is like that, proudly beautiful, totally free and wild.
To defend it from mass tourism is the walk you need to do to reach it. It starts from the village of Campiglia, going down the path no. 11. At first the trail might trick you: it starts easy, almost flat, for a pleasant . Gradually the slope enhances, until you get to a staircase that takes your breath away. (The difficulty of the track is shown by the fact that it will take the same time to go down as to get back up: hard to go faster even if you are just going down the stairs.)
But down there, the postcard-like sea and what you have sweat will be justified.
A beach in large pebbles of about 200 meters welcomes the daring, for an unforgettable swim (as well as memorable will be the climb). YOU CAN NOT FIND IT CROWDED!
WARNING: the climb back to Campiglia- specially the stairs closest to the sea – is absolutely exhausting, do not underestimate. Avoid the hottests hours and season.

Punta Corvo

Of the three suggested beaches, it is defintely the most popular. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, it can also be reached by boat from Bocca di Magra or Fiumaretta (recently a limited number of 300 visitors who can arrive every day by sea has been set).

Punta Corvo on a spring day - photo Tatiana Grace Fosella
Punta Corvo on a spring day – photo Tatiana Grace Fosella

Walking there is certainly more difficult, but also gives more satisfaction. The trail starts from the village of Monte Marcello and pleasantly goes down through the typical Mediterranean vegetation for the first stretch. Then, a challenging stairway leads from the height of 200 meters to the sea.
The climb will be hard, but the beach is awesome. Of fine gravel, large (though some landslide has reduced it slightly) it is suitable for sun and open sea worshipers.
In summer it is extremely hot and can get very crowded. There are no beach clubs, nor bookable beds, but it is a middle ground between those who want an experience truly out of the crowded beache yet likes playing beach rackets.


50 minutes walk defend this piece of paradise from the tourist hordes. Leavinf from the main road that goes down to Riomaggiore, just before the entrance to the observation point Guardiola Tower.

 The Canneto beach in the town of Riomaggiore
The Canneto beach in the town of Riomaggiore

Some steps, over a break in the guardrail, begin the path, that through the terraces with vineyards allow you to go down easily in a first section. The part closest to the beach instead has great difficulties (some landslide, a rocky outcrop to pass with the help of a rope): better to ask the tourist information point about the actual viability of the route.
If you can reach the beach, you can be assured that – in the blue clear waterbeach is of fine gravel and medium-sized pebbles.

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