Stadomelli in Val di Vara speaks English with the Scottish Fest

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Every summer the Stadomelli village hosts the Scottish Fest, a sign of a deep bond between the town of Val di Vara and the United Kingdom

For some years, the summer of Stadomelli – a small village in the municipality of Rocchetta Vara – lights to the sound of bagpipes and with the flavor of fish & chips, rivers of beer and haggis for the Scottish Festival. “A Scottish celebration in Val di Vara?” One wonders, amazed. Yes, a Scottish celebration in Val di Vara and if one looks into the history of the area you find that it is not an unsubstantiated event (this year the Scottish Festival will be held in Stadomelli between the 28 to 30 of July).

“Where is Stadomelli?” The village that speaks English in summer

It is said that in Stadomelli – in the heart of the Vara Valley – in the summer it’s easier to hear speaking English than Italian. Truth or legend that is, the fact is one: in the early twentieth century, many inhabitants emigrated from the village to the United Kingdom . In many cases, they chose Scotland as a final destination, and ended up working in the restaurant business.
Almost all the families that still live in Stadomelli have at least one relative who lives across the Channel and – frequently – during the summer holidays is in val di Vara to spend some time.
The one between Stadomelli and Scotland is thus a profound link, making the daily life of many families. A few years ago, to celebrate this bond, the Scottish Festival was naturally created: a meeting between the two souls of the village, with typical Scottish food cooked for two days of celebration by the “Scottish returned chefs”.

Scottish Festival 2017, three days at full speed

The 2017 edition of the Scottish Festival of Stadomelli is scheduled for July 29 to 31. THe now established event among the fairs and festivals of the province of La Spezia, the Scottish Festival offers three nights based on fish & chips, beer, whiskey and haggis in the perfect Scottish style.
Everything will be accompanied by live music and dancing at the music of the Scottish bagpipes.

How to reach Stadomelli

  • From Spezia (about 20 km, about 30 minutes): after the tunnel and follow Beverino, through Graveglia (SP17). Past Beverino, at the roundabout, turn left up to Cavanella, then climb Stadomelli.
  • From Brugnato (about 10 km, about 15 minutes): Follow the signs to Rocchetta Vara, crossing the village of Brugnato. After the Bailey bridge, go left, along with the so-called “Via Cava” until Manzile. At the intersection go right up to Stadomelli.
    And ‘possible to reach Stadomelli also climbing from Padivarma, Oltrevara, and Ramello.

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