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The Madonna dell'Olmo

On the second weekend of May, the Fabiano village celebrates the Madonna dell’Olmo, one of the most important Holy Mary’s festivity in the area. The origin of the cult dates back to the end of the seventeenth century, when an unknown painter painted on a...

Cinque Terre Mountain Bike Excursion with Food Tasting 0

A bike an foot path on the Via Francigena

For some time, the pedestrian and bike road that runs along the Lunense Canal has been inaugurated,  joining the villages of Val di Magra, between Santo Stefano and Luni, on the route of Via Francigena. A beautiful initiative, which opens new perspectives in large green...


The British discover what to do in Cinque Terre & Beyond: the Telegraph on Portovenere

Attracted by the Cinque Terre, tourists from across the Channel are starting to look around and discover what to do in Cinque Terre and beyond. The Telegraph recommens to visit Porto Venere and Tellaro Porto Venere? It is not less beautiful than the Cinque Terre...