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The true recipe of the stuffed mussels

Stuffed mussels, two different recipes for a traditional dish of La Spezia. How about every tradition worthy of respect, even on stuffed mussels (traditional food of La Spezia) there is a bitter confrontation. n detail, it is discussed on one thing: the mortadella ham is...

The yummiest street food: the Farinata legend

In all Italy, it is very common to get yummy pizza both in pizzeria restaurant and as street fod, in a paperbag. In La Spezia, as in many Ligurian city, there is no pizza paperbag without a slice of Farinata. To be exact, you can...


Panigacci or Testaroli? The Lunigiana Dilemma

If you are going out for dinner in La Spezia, you might find in the menu Testaroli and Panigacci, delicious dishes you will only find in the La Spezia area. Panigacci and Testaroli are actually typical of the Magra Valley, the inland area towards Tuscany...