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Is La Spezia worth visiting? Hell Yeah!

La Spezia, ugly city where the tourist should not stop. Things are not like that anymore. Here are the top four reasons why La Spezia became a city worth visiting. Everyone knows the Cinque Terre , everyone knows the upper Tuscany coast, many know the Lunigiana, not many think of La Spezia as a possible tourist destination. If the recent past, this made sense, today it is a shame not givng the slightest attention to the city, the gray and drab industrial center of the second half of the twentieth century is now…

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La Spezia La Spezia local insider

Pinguini, libellule e orsi polari: animali segreti di Spezia

Some facades of the old town of La Spezia are decorated with small delights that come from the past and tell of a different city. Penguins, polar bears and dragonflies are the masters. There is a La Spezia that is not known. It is the city that hides the secret wonders of it art nouveau period. It is the city that, as with the fantastic futurist mosaics within the Post Office building, to be found with a little ‘patience and – after finding it – to be listened to. Only…

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Thaon de Revel Bridge, homage to sailing

The footbridge Thaon Revel was inaugurated in July 2013 and immediately loved by tourists and locals. The bridge concept redesigns the sea promenade of La Spezia in order to presecute the city walk to the Mirabello Marina and to redesign a natural continuation of the urban pedestrian axis that forms the backbone of Via del Prione in the old town. The bridge architecture comes from a careful interpretation of the city’s urban ratio and pays tribute to the local maritime and naval industry tradition. The bridge is as a thin…

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