The Punta Pineda “Bozi”, stunning, almost impossible Cinque Terre beach with natural pools.

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The bozi of Punta Pineda are natural basins protected by rocks in the past used to extract salt from seawater. A Cinque Terre beach as beautiful as exclusive for the difficulty to reach, the most scenic swimming pool in Liguria for the bravest.

The Cinque Terre is the most brilliant jewel of the La Spezia coast, attracting tourists worldwide. But it is in the descents to the sea of the villages of Tramonti that the Cinque Terre area hides – with even greater jealousy – its most precious diamonds. If you are looking for an exclusive Cinque Terre beach, you need to earn it with some fatigue.
Punta Pineda and its swimming pools (the bozi, in the local language) are among the most suggestive and exclusive secret sea resorts among the Cinque Terre beaches. Mainly because it is challenging to reach.

Bozi, natural pools facing the open sea

However, if you want to reach a secluded Cinque Terre beach, willing and ready to face the effort, the Punta Pineda seascape will repay the effort. Then, finally, you get the sea after a path made up of many steps – with more than one exposed section – rock, prickly pears, and passages between the cultivated terraces. The gaze runs from Tino to the coast of the Cinque Terre in a silence that makes you touch the infinite.

Detail of the Pineta's stair
Detail of the stair getting to Pineta’s Cinque Terre beach

Here, facing the open sea, the cliff takes on a unique shape. In the silence, the rocks form a natural barrier behind which the bozi, natural rock basins, are sheltered from the waves. The seawater the puddles and creates a fabulous “pool effect,” protected by the salt left on the edges by the evaporated water.

How to get to the Bozi di Punta Pineda CInque Terre beach?

To reach Punta Pineda, you can start from the coast road, the Litoranea. Then, coming from La Spezia, after the Biassa tunnel and the Due Gemelli restaurant, you come across a bar. Shortly after is the access to the path which – after much effort – will lead to the sea. Among the various stairways of Tramonti, the one to take is that of Campi. But, as mentioned, it is not a trivial stairway, 260 meters of breathless altitude difference, looking at the blue sea and walking among rocks.

The Bozi di Punta Pineda, small pools protected by the rocks facing the open sea
The Bozi di Punta Pineda, small pools protected by the rocks facing the open sea

Due to their natural conformation, the locals used the bozi as a salt pan until after WWII. The low depth of the “pools,” in fact, favors the evaporation of seawater, which thus leaves the salt deposited on the rock. Once upon a time, the farmers of Biassa favored this process by using rudimentary sheet pans under which they lit the fire.

More views of the Bozi, Cinque Terre beaches
More views of the Bozi, Cinque Terre beaches

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