Cinque Terre area

We present the Cinque Terre area in a new way, in the broadest sense of the territory and the coast of La Spezia, characterized by cultural and landscape features and a common tradition.
What this region is famous for is the Cinque Terre villages, but the colors and atmospheres of the five small villages nestled on the coast can be found throughout the area of ​​the extreme Levant of Liguria up to the border with Tuscany.
A perfect region for those who love trekking, the sea, simple cuisine, and the taste of tradition. Those who visit this region can range from the sea to the mountains in a few hours, and experience an area full of emotions.
Discover with us the city of La Spezia, and the suggestive Gulf of Poets, with the wonderful Lerici, Portovenere and the islands of the Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto archipelago dominating the view. Discover the Val di Vara, the first cultural site of a composite region, and its intertwining with the Val di Magra at the base of the historical region of Lunigiana.

With our experiences, enjoy the Cinque Terre area in its entirety and in its variety of landscapes and stories.

We are waiting for you on a journey full of emotion.

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  • To move around the Cinque Terre area it is important to know that, if the car is not recommended to visit the coast of the five villages and the train is the fastest way, the villages of the Gulf of Poets are not served by the railway.
  • The Cinque Terre Card is considered the best solution for those who want to travel freely by train and know the status of the hiking trails.
  • A little more expensive but spectacular is to see the Cinque Terre villages by sea, with the ferries that cross the Gulf, to the Islands and along the Cinque Terre coast.
  • The ideal way to get to know the Cinque Terre area is to walk it on its numerous and suggestive trekking routes. It is important not to underestimate the trails, most of which require the right equipment.
  • The local culinary tradition is often referred to as poor, but it is actually simple and tasty.
  • Wandering to discover the numerous inland villages in Val di Vara and Magra and on the Gulf of Poets will surprise you with great treasures of history and culture.
  • An idea for rainy days? The surprising museums of La Spezia, in particular the Technical and Naval Museum. And when the heat leaves no respite? Some ideas for a cool day.
  • Val di vara is the first organic district in Europe, more and more chosen by here want to make trips in the name of ecology.

Le spiagge della Spezia

Guida alle spiagge della Spezia, il Golfo dei Poeti e le Cinque Terre

Guida alle Cinque Terre al Golfo dei Poeti

Le spiagge, i sentieri, i borghi. il cibo e le esperienze in tutto il terriotrio