Monterosso, the largest of the Cinque Terre towns

Monterosso al Mare overlooks a large bay with reefs and beaches, very appreciated by those who prefer comfortable swimming facilities rather than the rough coast of the Cinque Terre. It is located east of Punta Mesco, at the end of the Cinque Terre Park. West of the village, touching the promontory of the Mesco, is the village and beach of Fegina, where the Monterosso local train station is located. The town was mentioned for the first time in a document dated back to 1056 in which the Marquis Guido Obertenghi, son of Adalbert II, made some donations on-site Monte Russo. In the eleventh century, with the disintegration of the brand Obertenghi, the fiefdom possessions went to the Genovese counts Fieschi – and later in the twelfth century – the local lords of Lagneto, in contrast with the Malaspina family, Lords in the Lunigiana valley. In the thirteenth century the territory of Monterosso, as well as the entire area of the Cinque Terre, saw many conflicts between the Republic of Genoa and the lordship of Pisa for the political control and the trade of this important stretch of eastern Liguria. Monterosso has many signs of its long and fascinating history and offers chances to enjoy a beautiful day of culture and sea.





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