The sea Trail, to swim carefree between Vernazza and Monterosso

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The coast of the Cinque Terre by the sea: a joy for the eyes not only for those who own a boat.

The success of the Cinque Terre makes them very attractive for those who like to sail and motorboats, yachts, sailboats flock more and more in the coves and beaches of this stretch of coast, sometimes in the not too open sea and approaching the shore. But for those who like to swim and admire the scenic beauty of the Cinque Terre, amplified by the sensation of being immersed in it, the boats can be a safety risk and be a little frightening.

The sea trail in the Cinque Terre. Ph. Parco delle Cinque Terre

The Sea Trail off the coast between Vernazza and Monterosso allows perhaps the most comprehensive view of the Cinque Terre, their bays, rocky shores, and the backdrops.

To allow you to swim in peace, at least in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Cinque Terre Coast, the Cinque Terre Park has created the Sea Trail, a protected passage for swimming and sea-lovers. The well-protected trail allows swimming for about 700 meters in the sea between Vernazza and Monterosso, from which you can admire the two villages and the wider view of the park, snorkel and dive carefree to admire its backdrops.

The path, actually, was inaugurated in 2014 but was damaged and made unsafe by a boat and a storm last year. Today the Park has restored the buoys, adding more of them to improve the visibility of the sea section always closed to the traffic of the boats.

You are in the Cinque Terre Area
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