The Sentiero Italia in Liguria

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Over 6000 kilometers for the longest trek in the world: The Sentiero Italia in Liguria also touches our heights.

A dream born in the 90s by the CAI passionate hikers and then left behind, the Sentiero Italia is a path traced on the mountainous ridge of our peninsula, to touch its most spectacular points, and discover its natural and historical treasures.

Il percorso del Sentiero Italia

A “minor Italy”, often unknown, a beauty far from the spotlight, which must be achieved with a little effort and will. It is the mountain, the height that allows you to observe with broad specs and understand the territory.

I ragazzi di Va' Sentiero partono in primavera per percorrere il Sentiero Italia
The “Va’ Sentiero” youth group leaves in Spring to trek the Sentiero Italia for the first time

The route connects two major islands, the Apennines and the Alps following the leitmotif of the ancient mountain roads.

For the most part, the Sentiero Italia corresponds with the great pre-existing paths, and in our territory corresponds with the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and the Grande Escurisone Appenninica toscana.

Initially it was a matter of understanding if such a path was possible, then creating the technical assumptions, such as the creation of a unique sign (Red-white signpost with the lettering S.I. in black), and today the challenge is to start.

With the Sentiero Italia, a new “slow way” path is inaugurated

The new millennium has witnessed the trend of “slow travel” on foot or by bicycle, all over the world. From the ancient Camino de Santiago to the rediscovery of the Via Francigena, to Shikoku, the route that connects the ancient temples of Japan: there are many people who try to travel, savoring step by step the nature and the essence of the journey itself. Even the Sentiero Italia fits fully into this trend.

In Spring 2019, the Va ‘Sentiero Project begins: three young people set off on their journey.

On the way, at the mountain school, for a period of 16 months. And it will be possible to join them for the desired stages, registering online, to participate in a continuous discovery and to tell in real time a new experience, helping to create the information material of a new great path.

Trek Technical Data

Interesting mountain ranges: Alps, Dolomites, Apennines, Nebrodi, Etna, Monti Iblei, Monti del Sulcis, Gennargentu
Departure: Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT)
Arrival: Sgonico (TS)
Length: 6.166 km.
Maximum altitude: 3030 m slm
Minimum amount: 0 m. slm
Total difference in level:> 350,000 m.
Surface: asphalt-mountain
Opening date: 1995
Manager: Italian Alpine Club
Signpost: uncertain for halfway
Season: spring-autumn
Equipped for disabled people: no
Walking time: 8 months
Difficulty: T-EE

The 25 stages of the Sentiero Italia in Liguria


1 – Passo delle Cento Croci 1055 mt slm “Strada dei Mercanti

2 – Versante sud di Monte Zuccone

3 – Libia di Pecorara

4 – Passo di Pianpintardo – 1120 mt asl

5 – Monte Ventarola  – 1177 mt asl

6 – Passo Chiapparino –  982 mt asl

7 – Monte Pietrebianche  – 936 mt asl

8 – Passo di Revoto –  863 mt asl

9 – Passo del Sericiotto  – 855 mt asl

10 – Monte La Crocetta – 931 mt asl

11 – Passo di Varana –  849 mt asl

12 – Casa Cuneo – 900 mt asl

13 – Case Giovanni – 900 mt asl

14 – Case Bottini – 900 mt asl

15 – Case Marchesano – 900 mt asl

16 – Colla Craiolo – 907 mt asl

17 – Colla Cavenuzze – 953 mt asl

18 – Monte Prato Pinello – 1394 mt asl

19 – E1 Variante Cinque Terre

20 – Monte Zatta di Levante – 1404 mt asl

21 – Monte Zatta di Ponente – 1355 mt asl

22 – Poggio buenos Aires – 1115 mt asl

23 – Fonte

24 – Fondazione A. Devoto – 1020 mt asl

25 – Passo del Bocco – 956 mt asl

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