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The Summer Solstice is here: many celebrations between sea and mountains

On the eve of the Summer Solstice, some spirituality and nature events celebrate the days of light.

Monti San Lorenzo is an inland village of Lerici: here, in the twilight of the woods at sunset, an evocative spectacle between nature and millenary constructions that celebrates light in the days of summer Solstice has been occurring for millennia.

Mostly still mysterious, the prehistoric stone megalithic complex found on Mount Caprione, between Lerici and the inland valley of the Magra tells of ancient civilizations that inhabited the area in our night of the times, belonging to the group of Ligurian Apuans.

The site gathers every year many “pilgrims of the Light”, who come to see the small miracle that takes place at the summer solstice, when in the hours of sunset and for a few days, the sunlight shines in an interstice of the menhir and projected on the rock in front of the unmistakable butterfly shape, traditional symbol of rebirth.

Many think that the town of Monti San Lorenzo is characterized by particular energy and spiritual strength, not by chance here stands a Buddhist temple.

When can you see the butterfly of light?

The “magic” of the butterfly of light is repeated every day from the end of May to the end of July, from 20.00 to 20.45 (obviously it must be good weather).

The further we are from the exact day of the summer solstice, the more the butterfly will be deformed, until it disappears completely.

How to reach Monti San Lorenzo:

By car: from Lerici continue towards Sarzana. The locality Guercio, turn right following the indication “San Lorenzo”.

On foot: for trekking lovers, the site can be reached via a pleasant path starting from the panoramic town of Rocchetta di Lerici (in turn reachable from La Serra). If you are in the mood for oddities and curiosities, at the Redarca quarry junction (a splendid viewpoint) a short path leads to the charming Villa del Fodo (an ancient abandoned noble residence that was the site of a clandestine printing press in wartime), to then continue in the Mediterranean scrub until you reach your destination.


Three days of pure energy in Codeglia, the light hamlet

The hamlet of Codeglia, near Riccò del Golfo

Borgo San Lorenzo is the best known, but not the only place wrapped in “magic and mystery” of the area between the Val di Vara and the Lunigiana. Indeed, many legends and stories of the territory are characterized by a particular energy, sought by those in search of spirituality, as well as the peace of nature.

In Codeglia, a charming village in the Val di Vara, the most ancient traditions that celebrate the triumph of light will be traced in a three-day spirituality, ranging from 21 to 23 June to celebrate light, nature and sounds, and close with the traditional bonfire of the Night of St. John, in the search for a regenerating energy.

In Lunigiana, light runs between sea and mountains

Lerici by night. Ph. Marcllo Di Francesco
The Lerici castle is a Lunigiana fortress on the sea

On the Trajan Column of Rome, in scene 11, the Trajan legionaries build a series of fortifications and supply to improve communications in Dacian territory, as the Roman occupation progresses. Soldiers are represented carrying logs and stones and digging ditches around the walls of the camps, while some auxiliaries are on guard.

The Lunigianese territory is punctuated by fortifications, some of which are also of Roman origin, which combined the territory that spreads from sea to mountains in a possible line of luminous contact. And just a light signal emanating from the Ligurian Sea to the lands of Emilia and made of torches and optical code, will go round and round the Lunigiana between villages and castles Sunday 23 June from 9.30 pm. The idea of ​​ArcheoclubApuo Ligure of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in collaboration with Pro Loco of Pontremoli, is a special project that has the patronage of the regions crossed by the signal.


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