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Snow in La Spezia: tanks as snowmobiles

Four years since the last snowflake fell on the Gulf, we review the images of some historic snowfalls on the province of La Spezia.

February 23rd 2013: is the last day in La Spezia and surroundings on which it snowed also on the lowlands. The recurrence, three years later, is a good opportunity to browse some pictures of the last significant snowfall in the province (ie those where the snow has been placed on the ground for more than a few hours).
Snowfalls on 22nd, 23rd e 24th February 2013
2013 was a hard winter, but the snowfall of 22nd, 23rd and 24 February were altogether unexpected. From the Vara Valley to the Val di Magra, the entire province was covered by a heavy layer of snow and not by a simple dusting.

Feb. 24 was election day, polling stations opened and closed in the middle of the white.

February 11th 2013: the Great Snow also stops at Spezia

It was announced and expected for days and finally – also in the province of La Spezia – the Great Snow (so called by the meteorologists) arrived.

Since a good number of years in the province was not the case a snowfall of this magnitude (the years before the snow had fallen on some occasions, but never stopped) and La Spezia rediscovered, on the occasion, the charm (and inconvenience) of whitewashed streets and landscapes.

The snowfalls of January 1985: the legend

For La Spezia when it comes to snow, it comes to January 1985. The snowfalls that affected most of Italy at this beginning year also rested in La Spezia for several days and have come to give life in a real mythology.
True episodes (such as the tanks used as snowplows) are mixed with distorted personal memories, but one thing is certain: though it had not suddenly transformed into Siberia, Spezia and its province lived some days disguised in a mountain resort.

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